The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

Lots on my mind recently, so here is a brief discussion of the random thoughts and happenings this week.

* Ryan said "Ma Ma" today!  It was not directed at me, and it was really just a new sound (ma ma ma ma) but it still counts.  This was the very first thing he said that was actual consonants!  He was laying in his crib, fighting sleep like always, and I could see him looking up at the ceiling just saying ma ma over and over again.  It was great!

*I did some babysitting this week and I just want to say God bless mothers of twins.  On Friday, I watched Brooklynn so I got to experience having a 6 month old AND a 2 month old.  I can't imagine doing that everyday, so if you have twins I'll pray for you!  Then on Tuesday, I watched Emma so it was a morning with a 6 month old and a 12 month old!  Again, I had my hands full.  I have realized that one of the many reasons why pregnancies last 9 months is so that you can't have kids closer than that in age.  Unless of course you are a mother of multiples, in which I say it again... God bless you!!

*On a sad note, my last time nursing Ryan was this past Thursday.  The outcome of our nursing journey is this: 5 months of almost exclusive breastfeeding and 2 months of transitioning from breastmilk to formula.  In total, Ryan was nursed for 6 months and 3 weeks.  I do really hope circumstances are different with my next child so that I can do it for even longer.  It makes me so sad to think that I will never ever nurse him again, but I honestly know that it was the right time for us both to stop.  I will miss those bonding, cuddly moments so I will have to make it up with extra cuddles during other parts of the day. 

*Diaper changes are a complete wrestling match!  I literally break a sweat when trying to change his diaper or clothes.  Now that Ryan is a boy on a mission, he does not stay nicely on his back.  As soon as I lay him down, he flips his body all over the place trying to roll around.  Sometimes I put him on the floor and basically sit on top of him just to get the job finished.  Oh boy, I can't wait til he is crawling.  This boy is going to keep me on my toes.

*Mike has been working so hard on the salon and it is almost finished!  I believe it will be complete and it working order by this weekend.  Now I need to get my name out there and hopefully fill that salon with tons of paying customers.

*Ryan still cries during his bedtime routine.  Yep, almost every night.  I long for the quiet peaceful relaxing bedtime where we take a bath and listen to lullabies and I massage lotion softly onto his chubby legs.  But no, he has a look of panic during the whole bath, we wrestle to get him in a clean diaper and I have to flip him over six times just to get his PJs on and by half way through RJ is so tired he is hysterically crying.  He does not calm down until the lights are off and he is in my arms drinking his bottle.  Does anyone else go through this 30 minutes of chaos every night before bed??

*September has been an awesome month and I am totally in love with my little man.

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  1. I found you on's month groups. My NR is 6 months as well and I can totally understand what you're going through with the diapering/changing clothes and the bedtime routine! She is a little wiggle worm and is virtually impossible to diaper! Giving her a toy while we do it doesn't help, either b/c then she just puts it over her head or drops it on the floor and then wiggles all around to figure out where it went!

    We had some bedtime routine struggles, too, and I decided it was all just too much for NR. She was crying for 30 minutes or so during the routine as well. We cut the routine part of it down to just turning off the lights, turning on her nightlight (twlight turtle, shine stars on the ceiling), singing "Jesus Loves Me" and then laying down. I change her clothes, do the bath and bottle at varying times through the evening and not as part of the wind-down routine. She hardly ever cries when I lay her down now.

    He'll get the hang of it, just hang in there!