The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Favorite Things

I have many topics that I want to blog about (currently I am only blogging about them in my head) but work has been super crazy.  The more I work, the less I blog... but I am going to make it my mission to get caught up on my blog when we get back from vacation.

Anyway, today I had a great day with Ryan.  I am really loving this age.  Here is a list of my favorite Ryan things these days.

1.  When he is so excited to read his books that he climbs into his book bin and sits with them.
2.  Our slow dances in the kitchen.  We listen to music a lot when I feed him lunch or dinner, and then we are done, I pick him up and we dance around the kitchen.  He loves it and I love it because I am sure the day will come when he will no longer want to dance with me.
3.  His extra social personality.  He "talks" to everyone (and everything including his toys), he waves to complete strangers as we walk past them, and he is always drawing attention.  He is my little social butterfly.
4.  When he is ready to get our of his crib in the morning or after naps, he throws his binky and lovies out of the crib.  Then when I go back in to get them, he points to them as to say "hey, how did they get our there!"
5.  Also when its time to get out of his crib, all I have to do is but out my hand and he will give me his binky because he knows he is not allowed to have it outside of the crib.
6.  His awesome, very wet, kisses on our cheeks.
7.  How he runs to the bath tub, trying to take off his own clothes, when he hears the bath water running.  After lots of months hating baths, they are now on his list of favorites. 
8.  All of a sudden, he understands how to use sign language for "more" and he uses it correctly all of the time.
9.  He points to things all over the house as to ask "whats that."
10.  He loves his "kitty cats".  He points to them, says kitty, pets them nicely, tries to give them hugs, chases their tails, and brings them their toys. 

I could go on and on, but those are my very favorite RJ things as of right now.

Ryan is 13 months and 2 weeks old.