The Taynors

The Taynors

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ordinary Day Photos

I was reading one of my favorite blogs Baby Rabies and she gave me a great idea.  The photo challenge was to take 1 picture an hour from the minute you wake up until you go to bed on just a plain old regular day.  The photos should not be planned or posed, the house does not need to be clean, you shouldn't dress in a special outfit... the idea is just to get pictures of what a normal day is like.  We all take tons of pictures of special days and birthdays and holidays, but one day we are going to miss the ordinary days.  I was so excited to do this and I hope to do it a few times a year. 

So our ordinary day was Thursday, September 15, 2011.  It was very sunny and warm all day.  We had nothing special planned, it was a normal Thursday.  I'll admit I took way more than 1 picture an hour, but I won't post them all.  All of the pictures are of Ryan, because these days my ordinary days are all about him! I hope you enjoy the peak into our normal lives and that you complete the challenge too!

7:00 am - I went in to get Ryan out of his crib.  I was very lucky that this was one of the mornings that he slept all the way til 7!

7:30 am- Just finishing our morning nursing and cuddle time.  The morning is the only time I still breastfeed and I love this time with him.

7:45 am- I am not a morning person so we spend a lot of time just playing in bed before I get the energy to actually go downstairs.  This also gives us a change to hang out with Daddy as he gets ready for work.

8:30 am- Just finished a small bottle and getting ready for play time.

8:30  Getting in as much time with Dad as possible before he leaves.  Mike has such a hard time leaving every morning.

8:45 am- Log rolling across the living room, almost nap time!

10:30 am- Just woke up from his morning nap.  Getting changed and ready for the day. I tryed to get some work done while he slept.  I checked e-mails, created business cards, payed the bills... you know all that fun stuff.

11:00 am- Playing and hanging out upstairs while I tackle the laundry and cleaning.

12:00 pm- Lunch time, squash was on the menu!

12:15 Lots of kisses and cuddling after eating.

12:30 Running errands.  Today we went to Sally's for hair supplies and to the bagel place for mom's lunch.

1:00 pm- Playing in his excersaucer (his current favorite thing) so that I could eat lunch with a friend.  He was just about ready for his afternoon nap.  I did a haircut while he was sleeping. 

2:30 pm- He's awake!  Notice that he is in a different place in his crib every time he wakes up.

3:00 pm- Ryan was hanging out with Gigi because I had a hair client come.

4:00 pm- I was still working so Gigi was still babysitting. 

5:00 pm- Yay for Daddy being home.  Mike tries to get in some play time before its time for bed. 

6:00 pm - He skipped his late afternoon nap so someone is getting very tired and very cranky. 

7:00 pm- I finished working and it was time for bed.  Little man was super tired.

7:15 pm- Bedtime routine.  Change his clothes and diaper, lotion on his legs, lullabies, bottle, and cuddle time.

7:30 pm Sound asleep!!

I didn't even think to continue taking pictures until Mike and I went to bed.  So just picture me working on the computer trying to find part time jobs, Mike leaving to workout, us finally eating dinner together at around 8:45 in front of the TV watching the Big Brother Finale.  I tryed to straighten up the house during commercial breaks and we went to bed around 11. 

And that is a day in our pretty boring life! 

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