The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

Lots on my mind recently, so here is a brief discussion of the random thoughts and happenings this week.

* Ryan said "Ma Ma" today!  It was not directed at me, and it was really just a new sound (ma ma ma ma) but it still counts.  This was the very first thing he said that was actual consonants!  He was laying in his crib, fighting sleep like always, and I could see him looking up at the ceiling just saying ma ma over and over again.  It was great!

*I did some babysitting this week and I just want to say God bless mothers of twins.  On Friday, I watched Brooklynn so I got to experience having a 6 month old AND a 2 month old.  I can't imagine doing that everyday, so if you have twins I'll pray for you!  Then on Tuesday, I watched Emma so it was a morning with a 6 month old and a 12 month old!  Again, I had my hands full.  I have realized that one of the many reasons why pregnancies last 9 months is so that you can't have kids closer than that in age.  Unless of course you are a mother of multiples, in which I say it again... God bless you!!

*On a sad note, my last time nursing Ryan was this past Thursday.  The outcome of our nursing journey is this: 5 months of almost exclusive breastfeeding and 2 months of transitioning from breastmilk to formula.  In total, Ryan was nursed for 6 months and 3 weeks.  I do really hope circumstances are different with my next child so that I can do it for even longer.  It makes me so sad to think that I will never ever nurse him again, but I honestly know that it was the right time for us both to stop.  I will miss those bonding, cuddly moments so I will have to make it up with extra cuddles during other parts of the day. 

*Diaper changes are a complete wrestling match!  I literally break a sweat when trying to change his diaper or clothes.  Now that Ryan is a boy on a mission, he does not stay nicely on his back.  As soon as I lay him down, he flips his body all over the place trying to roll around.  Sometimes I put him on the floor and basically sit on top of him just to get the job finished.  Oh boy, I can't wait til he is crawling.  This boy is going to keep me on my toes.

*Mike has been working so hard on the salon and it is almost finished!  I believe it will be complete and it working order by this weekend.  Now I need to get my name out there and hopefully fill that salon with tons of paying customers.

*Ryan still cries during his bedtime routine.  Yep, almost every night.  I long for the quiet peaceful relaxing bedtime where we take a bath and listen to lullabies and I massage lotion softly onto his chubby legs.  But no, he has a look of panic during the whole bath, we wrestle to get him in a clean diaper and I have to flip him over six times just to get his PJs on and by half way through RJ is so tired he is hysterically crying.  He does not calm down until the lights are off and he is in my arms drinking his bottle.  Does anyone else go through this 30 minutes of chaos every night before bed??

*September has been an awesome month and I am totally in love with my little man.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ordinary Day Photos

I was reading one of my favorite blogs Baby Rabies and she gave me a great idea.  The photo challenge was to take 1 picture an hour from the minute you wake up until you go to bed on just a plain old regular day.  The photos should not be planned or posed, the house does not need to be clean, you shouldn't dress in a special outfit... the idea is just to get pictures of what a normal day is like.  We all take tons of pictures of special days and birthdays and holidays, but one day we are going to miss the ordinary days.  I was so excited to do this and I hope to do it a few times a year. 

So our ordinary day was Thursday, September 15, 2011.  It was very sunny and warm all day.  We had nothing special planned, it was a normal Thursday.  I'll admit I took way more than 1 picture an hour, but I won't post them all.  All of the pictures are of Ryan, because these days my ordinary days are all about him! I hope you enjoy the peak into our normal lives and that you complete the challenge too!

7:00 am - I went in to get Ryan out of his crib.  I was very lucky that this was one of the mornings that he slept all the way til 7!

7:30 am- Just finishing our morning nursing and cuddle time.  The morning is the only time I still breastfeed and I love this time with him.

7:45 am- I am not a morning person so we spend a lot of time just playing in bed before I get the energy to actually go downstairs.  This also gives us a change to hang out with Daddy as he gets ready for work.

8:30 am- Just finished a small bottle and getting ready for play time.

8:30  Getting in as much time with Dad as possible before he leaves.  Mike has such a hard time leaving every morning.

8:45 am- Log rolling across the living room, almost nap time!

10:30 am- Just woke up from his morning nap.  Getting changed and ready for the day. I tryed to get some work done while he slept.  I checked e-mails, created business cards, payed the bills... you know all that fun stuff.

11:00 am- Playing and hanging out upstairs while I tackle the laundry and cleaning.

12:00 pm- Lunch time, squash was on the menu!

12:15 Lots of kisses and cuddling after eating.

12:30 Running errands.  Today we went to Sally's for hair supplies and to the bagel place for mom's lunch.

1:00 pm- Playing in his excersaucer (his current favorite thing) so that I could eat lunch with a friend.  He was just about ready for his afternoon nap.  I did a haircut while he was sleeping. 

2:30 pm- He's awake!  Notice that he is in a different place in his crib every time he wakes up.

3:00 pm- Ryan was hanging out with Gigi because I had a hair client come.

4:00 pm- I was still working so Gigi was still babysitting. 

5:00 pm- Yay for Daddy being home.  Mike tries to get in some play time before its time for bed. 

6:00 pm - He skipped his late afternoon nap so someone is getting very tired and very cranky. 

7:00 pm- I finished working and it was time for bed.  Little man was super tired.

7:15 pm- Bedtime routine.  Change his clothes and diaper, lotion on his legs, lullabies, bottle, and cuddle time.

7:30 pm Sound asleep!!

I didn't even think to continue taking pictures until Mike and I went to bed.  So just picture me working on the computer trying to find part time jobs, Mike leaving to workout, us finally eating dinner together at around 8:45 in front of the TV watching the Big Brother Finale.  I tryed to straighten up the house during commercial breaks and we went to bed around 11. 

And that is a day in our pretty boring life! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Status- Work from Home mom

If you follow my blog, you probably read my very, long panicked vent about going back to work in September.  Well things got even worse in July and August.  I was an emotional basket case.  I spent most days having a nervous break down and/or hysterically crying about going back to work.  To be honest, I was having a rough time with many things in life but returning to work was the biggest of the weights on my sholders.  The logical side of me knew that I needed to go back to work.  We needed the money to be able to eventually accomplish the goals we have for our family and there was no reason for me to HAVE to stay home.  But I just couldn't come to terms with it.  I wanted to be home with my baby.  I couldn't stand the idea of leaving at 6am every morning (before he even wakes up) and not getting back until after 4 every afternoon.  Then I knew the work load that goes along with my job would mean that the time I was spending with Ryan would be compromised by grading papers, lesson planning, and doing school preparations. 

Anyway, I was feeling totally frustrated and hopeless and knew something had to change.  After many conversations... and heated arguements... my husband and I decided it was best for our family for me to extend my leave of absence from teaching.  My return to work date is now February 1, 2012.  In the mean time I needed to find some ways to make money!  The best solution for us was for me to go back to being a hair stylist. 

Here is the new plan.  Mike is currently transforming the garage into an at home salon.  I am going back to take some refresher courses on haircutting and coloring.  I am also really trying to spread the word about my new "business."  I do have a pretty good client base to start that I have been working with while teaching, but I need that to double!  In addition to working with hair, I am also trying to get some part time gigs as an English tutor.  So basically I think I now officially fit into the work from home category.  I spend my days coming up with ways to market myself, researching part time work opportunities, scheduling appointments, creating a business plan, etc. and then I spend many evenings actually doing hair.   At this point I am not tutoring, but I am actively working on that.  I have many goals (how many clients I need, how much money I need to make) and I am really working to hard to make this work.  I would love to be able to stay in this work from home mom category.  I believe its the best way for me to spend time with my son AND help earn some money that will go towards our family goals. 

Wish me luck!  Any suggestions on how  to make this profitable are welcome!

Fall Fun

The only thing that makes the end of Summer tolerable is that it is followed by Fall.  I love the fall.  I love the cooler weather, opening the windows for fresh air, pumpkin spiced coffee and beer, Halloween decorations, the change in the color of the leaves, playoff baseball, start of football season, pumpkins, and of course my birthday.  Here is my list of things I want to do this fall:

-Go apple and pumpkin picking
-Try lots of different pumpkin beers (I missed them very much when pregnant last year)
-Bake apple treats like apple crisp and homemade apple sauce
-Go on lots of walks to take in the nice weather and beautiful colors
-Carve pumpkins
-Dress Ryan up in his Halloween costume and take lots of pictures
-Do a fall photo shoot in the leaves with Ryan
-Work out!!  I am motivated!
-Totally unrelated to the fall, but I want to really market my hair business
- And hopefully watch the Yankees play (and win) playoff baseball

After a rough spring and introduction to motherhood and then a very emotionally draining summer, I am ready for a very peaceful, fun Fall!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 11, 2001

This is a few days late, but we have recently celebrated (not really the best word to explain the acknowledgement of) the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  The attack on this country has become one of those days that people ask "Where were you when you heard about the plane hitting the Twin Towers?" 

I was 18 years old, and a college freshman.  I was still dating my high school sweetheart.  There was no such thing as ipods, facebook, or twitter.  The NY Giants had just won a great football game the night before.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  I was going to community college at the time so I was still living at home.  I was getting ready for my second week of school when my father called into the bathroom to tell me a plane hit the Twin Towers.  At the time we thought it was a small private plane.  We really believed it was just an accident.  So even though it was breaking news, I finished getting ready and left for class.  By time I reached Ocean County College, the second tower was hit and the first tower fell.  I was in shock listening to all of this on the radio.  I was literally hearing the play by play on the radio.  We were all trying to figure out what the hell was going on together.  The newscasters did not know, and I sure as hell didn't know what was happening to our country, but it was pretty clear that this was not an accident.  Needless to say I didn't go in to class.  I did find out later all classes were cancelled anyway.  Living only an hour outside of NYC, many people were directly impacted by this event.  Life pretty much shut down for a few days to give people a chance to be with their families.  At this time I stopped at a Dunkin Doughnuts to get a coffee and to do what everyone else was doing, call family members to let them know I was okay.  At this time I was going up to NYC every Monday and Wednesday to take dance classes, Tuesday and Thursday I had college class.  Many family members, especially my grandmother, were panicking that I was in the city that day for dance class.  My brother and sister were currently in 7th and 12th grade so I knew they were in school and both my mom and dad were working.  We all pretty much agreed we would go straight home at the end of the day.  My grandmother cryed in relief when I called her to say I was not in the city that day. 

While at Dunkin Doughnuts, I met a much older man.  He was probably in his late 70's.  He was very nervously sipping on his coffee next to me and somehow we struck up a conversation.  It turns out he had recently moved to Toms River from north Jersey.  His wife had passed away and his youngest son had moved across the country and lost touch with him.  The only family member he still had in his life was his oldest son and daughter in law- and they both worked at the World Trade Center.  He was just waiting... waiting to here if they were alive.  I had no idea what to do to help this man, so I just stayed and sat with him.  We talked for a long time.  He told me stories about his kids and his wife, and he told me how proud he was of his son for getting some big NYC job.  After about an hour of talking with him I had to leave.  When I left, he still had not heard from his son.  I still don't know if they made it out of the towers alive or not.  I was overcome with sadness that this sweet old man might have lost the only family he had in this terror attack.  Like many people, he was suffering more than I can understand.  It was an awful day.

As the 10 year anniversary came around I couldn't help but think about that man and wonder what happened.  I watched the reading of the names on TV and saw those young kids read the names of their parents that they barely got the chance to meet.  The sadness associated with that day was a strong as ever.  But I also remembered the sense of pride I felt to be an American after that day.  I remember seeing all of the flags flying high for weeks to come and the patriotic songs playing on the radio.  I do remember how we came together as a country instead of fighting against each other.  I never want our country to go through that kind of suffering again, but I wouldn't mind returning to that place of unity we had as a country. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Favorite Things

I'm laying on my living room floor watching Ryan play in his activity center and I keep thinking "wow six months is really a fun stage!"

Here are just a few of my favorite things that my little bugger is doing.

-He holds my hand when I nurse him, and it melts my heart.
-His face lights up when I walk in the room, especially after a nap.
- If I have to go in his room at night to soothe him, his little hands reach up and grab my hand and he holds it until he goes back to sleep.
- He log rolls across the room to get to what he wants. It's so cute to see him so determined.
- He laughs so hard when I dance like a crazy women.
- And my very favorite thing is when he cuddles up to me when I rock him to sleep.

Yay for the hellish first few months being over. I am really loving life these days!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Life Will Never Be Like This Again

Recently someone gave me advise that I have heard a million times since Ryan was born.  I always believed them but I didn't really think about it.  When this new person repeated the same advice for some reason this time it really hit me.  She said "Enjoy these moments, life will never be like this again."  She went on to explain how her first child grew up so quickly and then when she had her second and third child its just not the same as having your first.  Of course having additional children creates a whole new feeling of joy, but its different.  It will never be about just you and that one baby.

So I am very aware of this recently.  It has 100% changed my way of thinking.  I am officially making the extra effort to appreciate every single moment with Ryan.  I hold him a little bit longer before laying him down to sleep, I give him even more kisses, I smile extra big when he does something silly, and I watch him in awe as he learns new things each day.  I don't want to rush these days, I have a feeling they are going to be the best days of my life.  Mike and I love him more than we ever believed we could and we are going to live in the moment.  I will try not to get frustrated with the lack of sleep or upset with my lack of social life, and just be truly happy with how blessed my life is. 

I will never get to be a first time mom again, I will never get to give 100% of my love to one child again,  and Ryan will not stay my baby boy for long.  So I'm going to cherish every single second of this stage in my life!

6 Months- Happy Half Birthday!

Ryan- I CAN NOT BELIEVE you are six months old already.  Time is totally flying by.  This past month has been by far my favorite.  You are much happier, very curious, and learning new things every day.  You definitely turned a corner, you even look like a much bigger boy.  I just want to hug you and squeeze you all day long.  Here are some of the fun things we did this month.

-We celebrated both Uncle Matt and Aunt Megan's graduations.  You went to lots of parties and got to visit with lots of friends and families.
-We went to the beach a few times.
-You experienced your first earth quake AND hurricane in the same week.  The earth quake happened when you were taking a nap in your crib (and of course it woke you up).  For the hurricane, we evacuated to GiGi and Pops house and had a hurricane party with Aunt Megan, Uncle Brian, and Ciri.  Luckily we didn't have any major damage from either event. 
- You had your first overnight home alone with Daddy.  Mommy went to visit Amanda and Bennett in MD.

You are a very active boy and love to move and play.  Here are some of the thing that were significant about this past month.

* You are a very big boy!  You weigh in at 18 lbs and 11 oz (75th percentile) and are 27 inches long (also 75th percentile).  That makes you the same height as Eloise but 2 pounds heavier... and she is 3 months older than you!  But I love my Bubba boy and your chubby thighs.
* You love to roll all over the place.  You can log way across the room.   This is how you get where you want to go, just throw your legs in the air and roll in any direction.
* You love your bouncy chair and excersaucer.  You also are starting to develop favorite toys (sophie, crinkle dog, play mat, and the thing at Gigi's house that you lay on your back and kick it to make noise). 
*Your favorite game is peak-a-boo.  You will bring the blanket over your face and leave it there until someone comes over and takes it away saying peak-a-boo.
*You laugh and smile and flirt much more.
*You like to be entertained, you do get bored and fussy if no one is paying attention to you.
*You sleep through the night most nights, but you do wake up very early (normally between 5:30-6)
*Napping is still a challenge and very irregular.  Some days you nap great and some days we are back to 30 minutes at a time.  But you definitely need your sleep to be a happy boy.
*Your hair is starting to grow back, its very light as of right now.
*Your eyes are still a beautiful blue!
*You like to experiment with making new noises. Today you started doing raspberries with your lips.
*You can sit unsupported, just not for very long. 
*I know I say it every month, but I really think you are teething.  You will wake up hysterically crying, you drool A LOT, and you are pretty cranky the last few days. 
*You started solid foods.  So far you have had peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, bananas, oatmeal, and rice cereal. 
* You still spit up all of the time.  I am so over this and look forward to our spit up free days.

Since this is a special month marking your half birthday, here are lots of pictures of your transformation.

Comparison next to the bear at 3 days old and 6 months old:

Bath time at a few days old and 6 months:

Pictures by the month:

And just a few more recent cute ones... just because you are so darn cute:

Being silly

6 months!

Labor Day BBQ 2011

Diaper change time Aug 2011

Ryan and Eloise July 2011