The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Health Talk- Food

Mike and I went to another health talk at the chiropractor this past week.  As always it was very interesting.  The topic was food and how Americans as a whole make awful decisions when it comes to what we eat.  Unfortunately it all starts from infancy.  We have the ability to give babies the very best thing for them, but instead many mothers (myself included as of recently) give babies formula for the first year.  When the doctor put up on the power point on what formula is made of, it made me sick!  Its all "made up" foods, there is nothing natural about it.   It really made me feel guilty all over again for not continuing with breastfeeding.  At least Ryan got 5 solid months of breast milk before formula.  The doctor did say if a mother has to use formula, make sure to use a "gentle" kind.  These formulas are a little bit better and more natural to the digestive system. 

Anyway, before I go on another rant about how breast is best, here are some of the other interesting things we talked about:

*Sugar is much worse than fat.  Every cell in our body needs fat to survive.  There are many fatty foods that are really very good for you.  So as long as you are watching what kind of fats you are eating, you don't have to worry about cutting fat out.  Sugar on the other hand has no benefits.  Cutting sugar out is a great way to be healthier and loose weight.  Switching to those sugar substitutes is not any better (actually its probably worse), because all it is are chemicals made to make things taste better.

*There are plenty of really easy, 4 ingredients or less, recipes available online.  The biggest complaint people have about eating healthy is that they don't have time or that its to expensive.  We just need to take a little time to come up with some simple, go to lunch/dinner options so that the idea of eating healthy isn't so overwhelming.

* Jamie Oliver (the naked chef) has come to America to spread his food revolution.  He is really trying to reform schools and the way children eat.  Go to his website to learn more about his revolution and facts about school foods.  You can join his revolution and help with spreading information becoming a healthier country.  There are also lots of easy, natural recipes and links to many different food blogs.  I am going to make his Salmon Cakes and Steak and Verde Salsa next week.

* Don't drink your calorie and sugar intake for the day.  If you really want that one soda or ice tea or beer, that's fine, BUT make sure you are drinking plenty of water to dilute it in your system.  There is so much sugar in all of the foods we eat, we don't need to get any more in our beverages. 

*The best foods to eat are the ones that would go bad if they were sitting on the counter for a week.  If food is not attracting flies after being out in the open, than its not good for us.  Stay away from packaged anything.  Shop around the outside of the grocery store, not the aisles.  This is personally the hardest one for me!  When I buy fresh food, I feel like it just goes bad.  It is so much easier to have packaged stuff that lasts a long time in the cabinets and is always available in a pinch.  But I am really going to work on this particular point. 

I'm sure there was more, but these were the main points that I wanted to pass on.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not the best eater.  I am guilty of doing a lot of these bad things... but I want to make a change.  I'll keep you posted on how the Taynor family is doing with our new eating habits!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is He Sleeping Through The Night?

Yesterday I gave an update on the progress Ryan has made at nap time (today was another good day) and today I'm going to break down how night sleeping has been going.  A lot of the time my blog posts are really for me. I know no one else is really interested in what he is eating, where he is napping, or how long he cryed for... but I know in the future I'm going to want to remember all of these details.  I can just hear the future me saying "Hmm when did Ryan start sleeping through the night?  I can't remember".  So this blog will act as an extended baby book for me to refresh my memory in the future.

Here is the break down of the past 5 months-

Birth - 12 weeks: For the entire first 12 weeks of life Ryan did not sleep well at night.  He would eat every 3 hours, every night, for 12 weeks!  Ugh this was soooo hard.  He would wake up, eat, and then take about 30 minutes before going back to sleep.  That would leave me about 2 hours of sleep before he woke up again.  This cycle was awful!

*Side note- at 6 weeks he started sleeping in his crib and I really started being consistent with his bedtime routine.  He also loved to sleep swaddled.

12 weeks- 3 months: Things were better during this time.  He finally started sleeping for longer stretches.  A normal night was to go to bed around 7:30 and sleep til sometime between 2-3am and then going right back to sleep until 5ish, and then dozing off until 6:30 or 7am.  This was not bad compared to the previous weeks.  I was excited that things were finally getting better.

3 - 4 months: Ryan regressed big time this month.  All of a sudden he was back to waking up several times a night to eat, and we had to wean him out of the swaddle because he was able to roll.  This month a normal night would be trying to put him to bed around 7ish but he would fight it and not actually fall asleep until 9pm!  Then he would wake up around 12, 3, and 5am.  Because he was just learning how to roll and getting use to having his arms free, he would wake himself up all night long.  This was another pretty bad sleep stage. 

4 - 5 months: This month was a repeat of the 12 week-3 month mark.  Back to sleeping longer stretches and only waking one or two times.  But since he had such a bad regression I was super nervous that it could happen again at any time.

5 months: Some nights are AWESOME and other nights are frustrating.  Ryan is finally sleeping through the night on a good night.  He will go to sleep around 7pm and not wake up until sometime between 5 and 6 am.  I wish he would sleep just a little bit longer, but hey I can't complain.  Unfortunately there are still those nights when he is very restless and wakes all the time.  For example, on Saturday he was pretty much awake from 1-4 am.  He would wake up crying/fussing, eventually soothe himself to sleep, and then wake up again 5 minutes later.  He no longer gets any middle of the night feedings, just help getting settled back to sleep. 

*Side note- This is when he started to sleep on his stomach.

He is now 23 weeks/ 5 months old and the past 4 nights in a row he did sleep through the night!!  I have learned not to get too excited but just like the naps, there has been progress!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just now as I was rocking Ryan to sleep for his afternoon nap, I had a realization that we have made some great progress!

From birth-3 months old, when Ryan was tired he cryed  (and cryed and cryed and cryed).  In order to get him to sleep,  I would have to pace with him through the house for a very long time while he looked up at me with tears dripping down his cheeks, hyseterically crying.  I would literally pace and do walking lunges and squats until he eventually settled down.  Laying him down in his crib to nap was totally out of the question.

From 3-4 months old, Ryan would still cry when he got tired (it would happen out of nowhere, he didn't give many tired signs before the tears started).  But at this time we realized if we held him very close and rocked him even though he would be crying hysterically... eventually he would take a breath and start sucking on his pacifier.  Then a few minutes later he would fall asleep.  But we still couldn't lay him down anywhere.  We took turns holding him for nap time.  He would also sleep in a moving stroller or car, so we frequently resorted to that because we knew he would at least get a nap. 

At 4 months, the crying started to get a little better.  It still happened before every nap but it didn't last as long or get as hysterical.  At this point we could bring him upstairs, rock him in the glider, while playing lullabies, and he would eventually fall asleep.  After asleep we could even lay him in his crib.  Everything was getting better... only problem now is that he would nap for exactly 32 minutes every time.  So when he woke up he was still a very tired and cranky baby.

And here we are at 5 months.  For his naps today I was able to walk in his room, close the blinds, rock him for about 5 minutes or less with just a little bit of fussing, and he was asleep.  Then once he was in his crib he actually slept!  For more than 30 minutes!  He has the ability to take over an hour nap!  Woo Hoo!

I guess this is officially proof that things are getting better.  Next step, putting him in the crib while he is still awake and letting him fall asleep on his own.  My fingers are crossed!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breastfeeding, Formula, and Solids Revisited

Here is the update on Ryan's eating.  He is officially a formula baby now (sad face).  I do still nurse him first thing in the morning and nurse him for the last bedtime feeding of the day, but all other feedings are bottles.  This transition is much harder on me than it is on Ryan.  He takes a bottle very well and doesn't seem to mind.  But I hate that I have the very best thing for him to be eating, and I'm giving him formula instead.  I just have to remind myself that there is no way I can go back to work and continue to nurse him.  I am trying to be proud that I made it 5 months and not disappointed that I didn't make it longer.  Now that I have experienced both sides, here is my pro/con list for both.

Pro: The very best food for baby!
-Convenient- I never have to worry about supplies, bottles, etc.  I am always able and ready to feed Ryan no matter what the circumstance.
-Love the cuddle time
-A wonderful bond with baby
-Helps with weight loss
-Enjoy the bigger boobs :)
-Easy middle of the night feedings
Cons: Can be hard work and takes determination, but it is worth it!
-Judgemental people when feeding in public
-If  exclusively breast feeding, its hard to do things for yourself, need to be with baby every 3 hours
-Needed to be careful with my own diet
-Basically there are no cons....Nursing is the best!

Pros: Easier to feed out in public
-Other people can feed Ryan, so I get a little bit of alone time when needed
-Easier to track exactly how much he is eating every day
-Mommy can eat and drink whatever I want
Cons: Expensive!
-Not the best/healthiest option for Ryan
-Deciding what formula to use
-Need bottles and supplies
-Have to plan ahead when going out to make sure I have all the supplies needed for the day
-Deciding which bottles to use
-Being prepared for middle of the night feedings
-Bottles don't sooth Ryan to sleep the way boob does
-Easy to over feed baby
-I'll say it again, its EXPENSIVE!

**Most of the cons for breastfeeding (and pros for formula for that matter) can be avoided if you are able to pump.  By pumping you are able to feed baby a bottle when needed and other people are able to join in on the experience of feeding the baby. 

So I am going through nursing withdraw and I am holding onto those last 2 feedings for as long as I can.  I will really miss it but I am so thankful I got the experience.  Trust me it did not come easy... I had a rough start, Ryan took several weeks to really take to the boob, I had breast infections, and I was unable to pump, but it was all worth it! I will absolutely nurse my next baby and hopefully I will be able to do it for even longer. 

At 5 months, we decided to start feeding Ryan solids.  Yesterday was our first day and we started with rice cereal.  It was a fun milestone.  Ryan didn't love it, most of the cereal was pushed back out and ended up all over him... but hey that's the point!  In a few days we will start with some Stage 1 vegetables and then add fruits.  I still have to figure out all the details,like when to introduce new foods, what order to do it in, what the eating schedule will be (this is all STRESSING ME OUT).  Maybe I'll have more helpful information in a few weeks. 

I can't believe how big my baby is getting that he is already sitting in a high chair and eating real food.  Time needs to slow down!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Health Talk- Advance Ball Class

So life has been hectic this summer and I have not been to as many of the health talks at the chiropractor that I had planned on.  But I was able to sneak away to last Tuesdays, with Ryan in tow, and I am glad I did.  The topic this time was discussing exercises  you can do at home using a yoga ball.  This particular topic is hard for me to write about, so I'll just give them main idea.

*The ball can be used to get a total body workout at home.
*By using weights while working out on the ball you can work on balance, core strength, and any other body part of choice. 
* Doing exercises in combination can help increase the difficulty (for example, doing a cycle that works biceps, triceps, and shoulders all in the same set)
*Elite 8's- Doing a combination of 8 different ab exercises, one right after the other.  This keeps things interesting, works different areas and kills your abs.

Unfortunately, I can't write out all the different exercises I learned.  Bottom line is that it gave me new ideas on how I can squeeze in a quick workout, in the living room, while Ryan is taking a nap... and its actually hard work.  Now I just need to make sure I actually do it!  I need to tighten up my backside and get my teacher arms under control.

Must have Newborn Baby Items

A new mom can spend hours going up and down the aisles of Babies R Us trying to decide what the best items for their precious baby are.  I was one of those moms that depended on other people's recommendations when making my baby registry and doing the pre-baby shopping.  So below is a list of baby items that I could not live without. (I typed this post a few days ago and really spent a lot of time working on it and giving tons of details on each item.  Well them my computer froze up and only the first two items were saved.  So I am re-typing it because I still want it posted, BUT I am saving time by skipping out on the details.  Sorry.  If anyone wants further explanation, just comment!)

Newborn Must Haves:

1.  iPhone-  I know this is completely random, but my iphone has been my lifesaver the past 5 months.  It has given me something to do during the very late night marathon nursing sessions, and it has been a great resource for baby apps, forums, reading blogs, etc.  I feel bad for moms that had their babies before smart phones!
2.  My BreastFriend Nursing pillow-  This pillow is extra great for breastfeeding because it offers extra support and wraps around your waste for comfort.
3.  Ameda Breast Pump
4.  ITz Been Timer
5.  Graco Pack n Play with the newborn sleeper and diaper changing station
6.  Boppy pillow (great for more than just nursing)
7.  Any Play Mat
8.  Chico KeyFit Travel System car seat and stroller with additional bases
9.  Summer Infant Video Monitor
10. Swaddle Me velcro blankets
11. Maclaren Rocker Seat - Especially for babies with reflux
12. Fischer Price Bouncy Seat
13. Diaper Genie
14. The Sleep Sheep
15.  A glider/rocker chair for the nursery

If you have these items when the baby is born, you will be ready to go!  Of course now that Ryan is 5 months old, there are new things that I would consider must have, but none of them are needed from the get go.  I'll post about the next stage of baby gear in a few months. 

5 Months

Ryan is 5 months!  Woo Hoo!  I have heard from many people that many really fun wonderful things will start happening around 5 months.  I can honestly say that this past month has been much better than months 0-4.  Ryan has a HUGE personality.  When he is happy, he is very happy... and when he is not happy, things are pretty ugly.  Is it normal for 5 month olds to be throwing temper tantrums already??  Its amazing that some days I feel like he is just so happy and content but the very next day I am overwhelmed by a very fussy baby.  So yes, things are much better but I am still looking forward to even happier days.


This month we continued to be very busy.  For mommy's sanity, we get out of the house a lot.  We had a 4th of July party and a World Cup party, we have gone on walks with Kelli and Noah, we spent the weekend in Sea Bright with Jackie, Julian, and Eloise, we also spent the weekend at Pelican Island with the family, we had Cyndi's graduation party, and we visited with Blake and her new baby sister Brooklynn.  It was really a fun month!

Some of the key happenings of this month are:

*You weigh 15 lbs 11 oz  (25-50th percentile)
*You are as cute as can be.  I love your beautiful blue eyes, chubby cheeks and thighs,  perfect sweetheart lips, and bald head.  Your smiles makes everyone around you smile too.
* You are giggling much more.  You still have not had your first belly laugh, but you are getting close.
*You are still not sleeping consistently.   Some nights you can sleep from 7pm-6am (these nights are AMAZING) but many nights you still wake up several times.
*You are rolling all over the place, which is partially why you are having trouble sleeping.
*You can sleep on your tummy.
* The cradle cap is completely gone, YAY!
*You finally enjoy bath time.
*You are an awful napper, they never last more than 30 minutes unless you are in the car.
*You love to grab your toys and bring them to your mouth...everything goes straight to your mouth.
*I think you are teething, but nothing is there yet (tons of drool).
*You have found your tongue and you love to stick it out and make silly sounds.
*You love to jump and play in your excer saucer.

The other major event of this month is the transition from breastfeeding to formula.  This has been super hard on mommy but Ryan has taken well to it.  He gulps down his bottles very quickly.  He gets so excited and will reach out for his bottle when he sees it.  I am lucky that he has transitioned so well.  More about my personal thoughts on the transition in a later blog.

Here is to what I hope is an even better month!  I love my little man.