The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mama's due with baby #2!

Woo hooo I'm excited to make the official announcement that we are expecting our second child.  I am due January 10, 2014 and am currently 12 weeks/5 days pregnant.  I was waiting til my 12 week doctors appointment before writing my first post, and as of Friday everything looks good.

How I found out-
Mike and I started officially trying back in January, so I was pretty aware of my body and my cycle. Twice I had convinced myself that I was pregnant (phantom symptoms I guess) and was VERY disappointed with a negative test or getting my lovely period friend.  When April came around I tried so hard not to stress and just relax and enjoy the process.  My period was due on around May 1-3.  On May 5 I decided it was time to take another test.

Mike was going to be gone all day with Ryan, so I took a test on my own, half prepared for another BFN. When the words POSITIVE came up on my little pee stick I was beyond excited.  I immediately did another test just to be sure.  Yay another BFP.  Now the problem is that I had to spend all day having this big news and no one to tell!

How I told mike-

You would think that I had all day to plan something that I would come up with a cute announcement for mike and Ryan.... Nope!  I just couldn't come up with the right idea.  My plan was just to make mike a nice dinner and tell him while we ate.  That didn't work either. When the boys got home Ryan was sick and miserable. He spent the rest of the evening laying on my chest, falling in and out of a cranky sleep.  So I didn't make dinner, and I spent a few hours on the couch.  After a little while of mike sitting next to me I couldn't keep it a secret anymore.  I looked at him and whispered something random about "going to the grocery store and buying peas and thinking how crazy it is that the baby in my belly is the size of a pea!"  Haha I know, random.  Mike looked and me and said "what does that mean?"  I confirmed I was pregnant and mike was very excited, but he did look at me and say "is that seriously how you decided to tell me".  The best part of it was at that moment Ryan looked up at me with watery eyes and a boogery nose and said "baby in your belly?"  It was super cute that he understood what we were talking about.

How we tod friends and family-

Thanks to Pinterest I knew I want to take some cute pictures of Ryan to use as announcement.  On Mother's Day after our family left our brunch, we set up a Ryan photo shoot.  I used a chalk theme and came up with 3 different photo options and then we just started taking tons of pictures in hopes of a few good ones.  Here are some examples of the photo shoot:

Then we used the picture to tell our families at about 7 weeks and friends at 8/9 weeks.  Everyone seemed sincerely excited for our growing family

The first trimester-

I know I'm not out of it officially yet, but thank god I'm starting to feel better.  Weeks 5-10 were rough!!  I had awful morning (all day) sickness and awful fatigue.  I felt like I had a severe hangover all day long.  Keeping up with my bouncing 2 year old and working my 3 jobs became very difficult.  In addition to those lovely symptoms I also started with not being able to sleep through the night.  I wake up every 2 hours to pee and have a hard time falling back to sleep.   This time around I also got a case of the super sore boobs.  I couldn't believe how bad they hurt.  It was almost the feeling of when I was engorged back in my nursing days.  Lastly, I had a good case of IBS.  So much fun.

As of this week, the nausea has gotten better, the fatigue is improving, my boobs feel better, and the IBS is under control.  The trouble sleeping and night time pee is here to stay.  And the dreaded can't brush my teeth without throwing up issue from my first pregnancy is back.  I was hoping this would skip me this time!

CRAVINGS- sweets, chocolate, apple pie, s'mores, cookies, dessert!!  I definitely have a sweet tooth and spend most of my day planning dessert!  Other than that, generally I just ean towards carbs.  Especially when I was sick, bagels, crackers, pasta where easy on my stomach.  I felt like as long as I kept eating all day, it would help me avoid getting sick.


My starting weight - 105
Current weight- 108
Baby's heart rate at 12 weeks- 168

Belly picture at 12 weeks-

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