The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ryan- 28 months

It's been awhile since I have given a Ryan update.  Here are some highlights of  what's been going on.

- Suddenly he is super clingy and is always saying "I neeeed my mommy/daddy"
-  Ryan has become a talker. His vocab has gotten much better and he talks non-stop!
-" Why" and "what are you doing" are his favorite questions
- thanks to the puddle jumper, he is loving the pool
- soccer, baseball, and golf are his favorite sports
- suddenly he has an imagination. Playing pretend is a strength
-  I'm amazed by his memory, nothing gets by him
- like I posted earlier we are moving to a big boy bed tonight
- he is showing interest in potty training, but we are holding off for now
- he keeps asking to go back to disney world, but he knows he has to " save his money"
- he is excited about the baby in mommy's belly and likes looking at pictures from when I was pregnant with him
- a summer favorite is going to the beach with his friends
- Gigi and pop  got him his first real bike, and he is practicing everyday
- we have found a few new allergy friendly foods so he has finally had pizza and ice cream
- I feel like he is sick with these little virus' a lot... Croup, fevers, etc.  not sure what's going on but it seems like he is frequently battling something
-  generally speaking, he is a super good 2 year old.  He is fun and social and silly and well behaved (most of the time lol)

I guess that's it for now. I love my bubba!

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