The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Praying for a buyer

In addition to a new exciting pregnancy and baby planning, we are also still in the selling our home/buying a new home process.  Lots of crazy (nerve wracking) things going on in our house.

Here is the update...

We put our current home on the market about 7 weeks ago (yep I was 7 weeks pregnant when we started this).  The good news is we have had a decent amount of traffic coming to see it.  The feedback has been good... Good price, shows well, nice floor plan... But they don't love the location on a busier road.  The bad news is no offers or serious buyers.

I'm getting a little bit anxious because this is the last piece of the puzzle.  Everything else is lined up. We are in contract for the new property and home, we have the floor plan, and the builder said he is ready to start as soon as we are are under contract with our current home.   I feel like I can't take a breathe and be excited about this new home until we finalize it by selling the 757 Coolidge ave!

Right now it's a waiting game, but I'm hoping and praying (and asking anyone to join me in the praying) that we get a buyer soon so that mike and I can start planning and preparing for the next step!  Then the real fun begins... Packing our house, moving into a temporary home, picking out options and colors for the new home... And oh yea all while getting more and more pregnant!

I promise that I won't let the anxiety of not knowing where we will be living in January when the baby is born totally stress me out.  It's all going to fall into place and we will have a place to sleep at night and I just have to be excited about all of these dreams coming true all at one time!

But seriously, I'm PRAYING we get a buyer and sell our house very soon!  Lets get this project started.

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