The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, February 7, 2014

5 days in the Hospital

Last week we had our first scary experience with Patrick. He was sick and at Jersey Shore Hospital for 5 days (4 nights) with RSV. Here is the story...

The week before Ryan was pretty sick. He had a bad cough, non stop runny nose, and was super cranky. We took him to the pediatrician on Friday 1/24 and were told it was either a virus or allergies and we just had to get plenty of rest and wait it out. Then on Tuesday both Patrick and I started with a runny nose and a cough. It didn't help that we were still living in a construction zone at this time. I kept blaming the coughs on living in a dusty house.

On Wednesday I took Patrick to the pediatrician to check on the cough. Unfortunately, my normal doctor was not there and we had to see his affiliate. She told us he was fine and there was not much we could do. She did give me some symptoms to watch for in case it didn't get better. By Friday 1/30, I was feeling better, but Patrick was getting worse.

At about noon, I was changing Patrick's diaper and I immediately knew something was wrong. His ribs were being sucked in really far with each breathe and he seemed to be gasping. I watched him for a few more minutes and saw he looked pale, lethargic, and was coughing a lot. I immediately took him to the dr. I called ahead, but pretty much just showed up. The pediatrician did a quick exam and recommended we head up to Jersey Shore. He also suggested we pack an overnight bag because we might get admitted.

Well he was right. We were in the hospital about a 1/2 hour before they decided Patrick needed to stay. They did a few tests and confirmed he had RSV. His oxygen levels were low, mild fever, and retractions (the term got the fact that his ribs were tugged in with each breath). That was enough to confirm he needed to be in the hospital, get treatments and have constant medical observation.

Over the course if the next several days, his oxygen and respiration was constantly monitored, he had breathing treatments every 4 hours, he had saline nose treatments, and for 12 hours he was on oxygen support. I was able to nurse him a lot, so we avoided needing an IV.

I stayed with him every second of the entire stay. One of the positive parts was lots and lots of cuddle time. But it was hard, long sleepless nights, hospital food, limited showers, and pretty lonely. I was very relieved, and scared, to be discharged on Tuesday.

Since we have been home, he seems better each day. The coughing, congestion, grunting (his way of clearing his throat) continue, but that's suppose to last a couple of weeks.

We are grateful to be home and getting healthy!

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