The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rough Week

We are on day 6 of this "4 day" renovation project. It was been a very difficult week.

1. The project has been slow with many complications. I'm going to do an update post about the renovation with pictures and details, but overall it has been slow and full if surprises. The new estimated date of completion is Friday night! Lots of prayers that this actually happens.

2. In the meantime the boys and I have to be out of the house from like 8am until 7pm every single day. The first floor is not live able for kids, we can't use the kitchen, and the house is covered in dust. It's pretty gross... I hate being downstairs. When we are home, we have to live upstairs. Not fun.

3. We are tired! Ryan is totally off schedule, which means his routine is screwed up, which has lead to bad naps and rough nights sleeping at home. So he is up all night, Patrick is up a lot, and that leads to Mike and I having sleepless nights. Everyone is tired and a bit cranky.

4. Everyone is sick. Last week it was mainly Ryan. He had another run with bad congestion and a hacking/croupy cough. He seems to be getting better, but now it's mommy, daddy, and Patrick's turn. Sore throat, ear ache, coughs, and congestion for everyone. Even poor baby has green buggies and a cough. I'm sure we will be back at the pediatrician in the next day or so.

5. I'm still only 3 weeks postpartum! My stitches are still sore, I'm emotional, my clothes don't fit, and again I'm tired. I just want to be home recovering.

This is a week where we all need to just be home and resting, out of the cold, in our jammies, enjoying Mikes last week home, getting better. Nope, that's not in the agenda.

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