The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Month Update

This past month was the BEST! Seriously, every single day Ryan has learned to do something new.  I wake up every morning and think "wow how did you get even cuter over night?!"  I can't believe I am starting to plan your first birthday party!!  When did that happen!

Obviously, this month was very important because it was RJ's first Christmas.  We went and cut down our Christmas tree, we went to many Christmas parties, we got Christmas pictures taken, we did not get to go see Santa Claus (I know, bad mom), and Ryan trucked around town with me as I did all my Christmas shopping.   It was a great month.

Here is the 10 month stats:

- About 21 lbs, 60-70% for boys at that age
- Size 12 clothes and 3 diapers
- He still has blue eyes and blond hair
- He is doing some major teething, I can see the top two but they have not come through yet
- He cruises all over the house
- He can stand unassisted for brief moments
- He is officially climbing- climbs the stairs, climbs over toys, climbs over anything in his way
- Loves clapping, waving bye-bye, and giving high fives
- He wants to push things...push open doors, push buttons that make noise, push toys to move them away
- His tongue is always sticking out
- His skin is still a mess.  His back is covered in eczema and his cheeks are SUPER irritated. (When I finally get around to posting pictures, you will see how bad his cheeks are.  So sad)
- He has finally figured out how to eat finger foods on his own.  He likes puffs and everything else he just plays with in his fingers.

**Oops, I was rushing when I posted this and I want to add a few things.
-Not only is Ryan climbing like crazy, he is obsessed with the stairs.  He can climb the entire staircase!
-He loves using his walker to stroll around the house.
-RJ has quiet the temper.  He is much happier than when he was a baby, but he can throw a complete temper tantrum.  I would say at least 5 times a day he has a complete meltdown... the kind where the tears are pouring out, boogers in the nose, kicking his legs, hysterical cry.  He has a pretty fierce dramatic flair (hmmm I wonder who he gets that from?!)
-Food he eats: sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, squash,edamame, spinach, beets, rice, oatmeal (with cinnamon and raisins), peaches, pairs, apples, mangos, pomagranate, bananas, lentils, and a variety of dinner foods like turkey, beef, chicken, and baby soups.  I make a large amount of his food but use jars for when we are out and about or need a quick meal. 
-Finger foods so far: puffs (the boring healthy kind made with spinach, kale, and berries), steamed potatoes and carrots, and little pieces of pancakes when I make them. 

We also have a pretty good schedule going on right now.  Our typical day goes like this...
-Wake between 7-7:30
-Bottle, some play time, and then breakfast (normally fruit or oatmeal)
-Little more play
-Nap around 9:30-11 ish (sometimes this morning nap can be up to 2-2.5 hours!)
-Bottle and lunch after nap
-More play time (this is normally when we run errands or I bring him to the babysitter so I can work)
- Nap time anywhere between 1:00-3:00 depended on how morning nap went
-Bottle after nap
-Play with Dad, or Gigi, or whoever is babysitting (I am normally working)
- 5:00 dinner (veggies and protein)
- Sometimes bath time, but always bedtime routine starting between 6:30-7.

See what I mean about the cheeks... so sore

Happy New Year!

Love those chubby thighs :)

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