The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, January 13, 2012

January Projects

I feel like I have the never ending to-do list for January! Every time I accomplish one task, a new one is added to the list. I need to clear my head... So here is my list of January projects (as of right now, it's sure to change):

-financial summit with Mike to discuss annoying things like debt, retirement savings, and our new monthly budget
-Plan and book vacations to Key West and Tampa
-Plan Ryan's 1st birthday party (ahhh)... Invitations, food, decorations
- Plan something for my Mother's 60th birthday ( another ahhhh)
- Shutterfly madness... Create a first year photobook for Ryan, a 2011 photobook like I do every year, and I want to create a text book with all my blog posts from 2011.
- Order more business cards
- Create a business Facebook page for my hair business
- Register Ryan and I for mommy and me swim lessons
- Shampoo our carpets
- Go clean out my classroom ( big hint as to what my work decision is... More about that to come)
- Create an amazon wish list for things Ryan needs ( great suggestion Kelli)
- Create more recipe pages for my "friends" cookbook
- Blog!! So many topics in my head right now!!

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