The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, January 20, 2012

1st Vacation- Disney

I have previously stated that 2012 will be all about travel.  Well, it has begun... we just got back from our first trip.

Where: Disney World

When: January 13-16, 2012

With who: Mike, my sister in law and her husband (Michelle and Jerome), my brother in law (Matt) and 16 people from Select Basement Waterproofing.

The details: Mike and I were last minute additions to this trip.  Jerome planned on taking his full time employees to Disney World as a Christmas bonus and a thank you for all the hard work they did this summer and fall after Hurricane Irene.  One of the guys and his wife couldn't go, so Jerome asked if we wanted to take their place.  If there is one thing I will say about my brother-in-law it is that he is super generous.  He took 21 people to Disney!  I mean hotel, plane tickets, transportation to and from the airport and park passes to Universal Studios and Magic Kingdom!  How many bosses do you know that will do that?!

We had a great time and I didn't have to plan a thing.  I am normally the organizer so it was really nice being able to just follow the crowd.  One negative is that it was cold... like 30's over night and a high in the 50's during the day.  I know that's not bad compared to Jersey weather in January, but I was not prepared.  We spent Friday traveling and going to Downtown Disney. Saturday we went to Universal Studios and then spent the night at a great sports bar watching playoff football.  On Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom during the day, ESPN Club for the Giants game (woo hoo Giants), and then back to Magic Kingdom at night. 

The best part about the whole trip was watching some of the people we were traveling with.  Of the 21 people that came to Disney, about 14 of them have NEVER been there before!  This really surprised me.  Anyway, watching these grown adults really enjoy Disney World was the coolest thing.  They truly just enjoyed the whole vacation.  They didn't stress about getting to all the rides, or where they should eat, or how cold it was... they just had fun running through the parks, taking it all in.  These are people who grew up with really rough lives... no parents, abused, worked hard for every penny they have, two of the people have never even left New Jersey (until this trip).  So watching them relax and get to enjoy this fun vacation was really great.  On the way home, one of the guys said "This weekend was amazing, I will never forget it!" 

My point is, I took a step back and really looked at how great of a childhood I had and how lucky I am now.  I have had so many opportunities that many people don't have.  For some families, this 4 day weekend in Disney World was the biggest vacation they will go on.   I really need to appreciate what I have and not stress so much about the little details of life.

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