The Taynors

The Taynors

Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review - 2011

Mike and I are just about to go out and celebrate New Years Eve.  We are the lucky ones that have an over night babysitter, but since none of our other friends are as lucky, we will be having a quiet date night.  I am dressed and ready to go...and now waiting around for Mike to get ready (I don't agree with the stereotype that men are always waiting around for women to get ready)! 

Anyway, I had a few minutes to recap a great year.  Here are some of 2011's highlights.

On a personal level:

- Of course the birth of Ryan and becoming a mother.  This is by far the biggest life changer that will ever happen to me!
- Many of my friends also became mothers for the first time.  Kelli welcomed Noah, Kelly had baby #2 Brooklynn, Amanda had Bennett, Heather became pregnant with Baby Ryker (who we will hopefully meet very soon), and even though Jackie gave birth in 2010, this year really felt like Eloise's first year.
-Allyson and Eric got married. Yay!
-Megan and Matt graduated from college
-Mike got his MBA and started real estate classes
- Brian has been very successful in his training of the UFC fighters (especially Frankie Edgar)

Top News Headlines:
(in no particular order)

-The death of Steve Jobs and all of Apples technology
-Case Anthony trial (she is totally guilty!!)
-Michael Jackson trial
-Osama Bin Laden was killed
-The Royal Wedding (Prince William marries Kate)
-Final NASA shuttle mission
-Tsunami and earthquake in Japan that killed so many
- New Jersey experienced an earthquake and Hurricane Irene in the same week!
-Charlie Sheen went crazy
-The Kardashian's took over reality TV
-Oprah's last season
-US Women's Soccer World cup (made it to the final 4)
-Derek Jeter hit his 3000th hit

I'll be back to add more as I think about them.  What a year it has been!

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