The Taynors

The Taynors

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Couldn't Resist

This week has been all about being productive. I guess because I had the week pretty much off from work, I filled my "free time" with projects around the house. So much fun right! I have cleaned out every drawer and closet throughout the house, I have organized anything I can get my hands on, I have done a million loads of laundry, I have cooked, cleaned, payed the bills, balanced our holiday finances, hosted a Christmas, attempted to organize NYE, dealt with insurance bullshit, grocery shopped...blah blah blah. You get the point, it has been a non-stop week. Anyway, it's just about midnight and I just finished putting away the last load of laundry (for now at least). As I looked over at our video monitor, I just couldn't resist... I had to go in to RJ's room and give him one last kiss goodnight.

I know a major mommy rule is to just leave baby alone if he is sleeping, but with his little tush up in the air, I had to go in one last time to give him a love tap.

I mean seriously, how can I resist one last peek at this sleeping angel?! Every once in a while I have to remember to stop trying to be super mom and just sit back and enjoy my baby. Now I can go to sleep with visions of my sleeping beauty instead of worrying about what I didn't get done!


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