The Taynors

The Taynors

Saturday, December 3, 2011

9 months

Ryan- I seriously feel like I just wrote the 8 month update.  November flew by!  This was a great month, probably my favorite one yet.  You celebrated your first Thanksgiving (and first friends Thanksgiving), went to Eloise's first birthday party (I can't believe she is already one), had a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and went to cut down your first Christmas tree.  We also have been doing lots of Christmas shopping, you love being out and about in the crowds.  Dad and I took you to get Christmas pictures taken and we had planned to go see Santa but you were so exhausted from the photo shoot that we decided to wait until next week.  This was also a HUGE developmental month for you.  Here are some details:

*We go to the doctor this week so I will update weight than.
*You started to crawl at 8 1/2 months old and you have not stopped moving since.
*You pull yourself to standing all of the time and by using anything you can get your hands on.
*You are cruising already. 
*You can stand by yourself for brief moments.
*You started eating puffs and have gotten much better drinking from a sippy cup.
*You are back to hating getting your diaper changed or changing clothes.  You literally wrestle and fight against me every time.  I am not a fan of this particular activity.
*You have several nicknames, all starting with B- Bubba, Booger, Buster
*You are always talking, its like you are trying to tell us a very important story.  You do say "mama" a lot but its not directed towards me.  Its more like you are just smacking your lips together.  Your common word (or noise I should say) is "Eh, EEHHHHH, Ahh"
*You are always moving and always talking.  You are a very active boy!
*You love to sing and dance.  We dance around the house and sing songs all day long.  I feel like I am always putting on a show for you!
*You are a much happier baby now that you can move.  I can't wait to see what happens when you can walk.
*You are back to loving your pacifier.  I am trying to limit you to using it at nap time and bedtime.  But I'll let you have it if you are realllly about to meltdown in public.
*You had your first bump on the head and 2 black eyes this month.  You play rough!
*You have super chubby, chunky thighs (hmmm I wonder who you get that from).  Chubby baby thighs are the cutest!

It has been amazing watching you grow this month.  I really feel like you are going to walk sooner rather than later because you really love to be on the go.  You have no fear and are willing to try anything, even if it leads you to getting hurt (hence the black eyes).  I have always heard moms complain about when their babies start to crawl... they miss the time when the baby couldn't get into things.  But I must say, I love crawling Ryan.  I will take you getting into everything and me chasing you around the house any day over the hysterical crying, miserable baby of a few months ago.  This stage is so much more fun!

I love love love you Ryan and am so excited to celebrate your first Christmas this month!

This was a particularly hard photoshoot because Ryan wouldn't stay still for even a second.  Most of my pictures like something like this...

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