The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Health Talk- Food

Mike and I went to another health talk at the chiropractor this past week.  As always it was very interesting.  The topic was food and how Americans as a whole make awful decisions when it comes to what we eat.  Unfortunately it all starts from infancy.  We have the ability to give babies the very best thing for them, but instead many mothers (myself included as of recently) give babies formula for the first year.  When the doctor put up on the power point on what formula is made of, it made me sick!  Its all "made up" foods, there is nothing natural about it.   It really made me feel guilty all over again for not continuing with breastfeeding.  At least Ryan got 5 solid months of breast milk before formula.  The doctor did say if a mother has to use formula, make sure to use a "gentle" kind.  These formulas are a little bit better and more natural to the digestive system. 

Anyway, before I go on another rant about how breast is best, here are some of the other interesting things we talked about:

*Sugar is much worse than fat.  Every cell in our body needs fat to survive.  There are many fatty foods that are really very good for you.  So as long as you are watching what kind of fats you are eating, you don't have to worry about cutting fat out.  Sugar on the other hand has no benefits.  Cutting sugar out is a great way to be healthier and loose weight.  Switching to those sugar substitutes is not any better (actually its probably worse), because all it is are chemicals made to make things taste better.

*There are plenty of really easy, 4 ingredients or less, recipes available online.  The biggest complaint people have about eating healthy is that they don't have time or that its to expensive.  We just need to take a little time to come up with some simple, go to lunch/dinner options so that the idea of eating healthy isn't so overwhelming.

* Jamie Oliver (the naked chef) has come to America to spread his food revolution.  He is really trying to reform schools and the way children eat.  Go to his website to learn more about his revolution and facts about school foods.  You can join his revolution and help with spreading information becoming a healthier country.  There are also lots of easy, natural recipes and links to many different food blogs.  I am going to make his Salmon Cakes and Steak and Verde Salsa next week.

* Don't drink your calorie and sugar intake for the day.  If you really want that one soda or ice tea or beer, that's fine, BUT make sure you are drinking plenty of water to dilute it in your system.  There is so much sugar in all of the foods we eat, we don't need to get any more in our beverages. 

*The best foods to eat are the ones that would go bad if they were sitting on the counter for a week.  If food is not attracting flies after being out in the open, than its not good for us.  Stay away from packaged anything.  Shop around the outside of the grocery store, not the aisles.  This is personally the hardest one for me!  When I buy fresh food, I feel like it just goes bad.  It is so much easier to have packaged stuff that lasts a long time in the cabinets and is always available in a pinch.  But I am really going to work on this particular point. 

I'm sure there was more, but these were the main points that I wanted to pass on.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not the best eater.  I am guilty of doing a lot of these bad things... but I want to make a change.  I'll keep you posted on how the Taynor family is doing with our new eating habits!

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