The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 Months

Ryan is 5 months!  Woo Hoo!  I have heard from many people that many really fun wonderful things will start happening around 5 months.  I can honestly say that this past month has been much better than months 0-4.  Ryan has a HUGE personality.  When he is happy, he is very happy... and when he is not happy, things are pretty ugly.  Is it normal for 5 month olds to be throwing temper tantrums already??  Its amazing that some days I feel like he is just so happy and content but the very next day I am overwhelmed by a very fussy baby.  So yes, things are much better but I am still looking forward to even happier days.


This month we continued to be very busy.  For mommy's sanity, we get out of the house a lot.  We had a 4th of July party and a World Cup party, we have gone on walks with Kelli and Noah, we spent the weekend in Sea Bright with Jackie, Julian, and Eloise, we also spent the weekend at Pelican Island with the family, we had Cyndi's graduation party, and we visited with Blake and her new baby sister Brooklynn.  It was really a fun month!

Some of the key happenings of this month are:

*You weigh 15 lbs 11 oz  (25-50th percentile)
*You are as cute as can be.  I love your beautiful blue eyes, chubby cheeks and thighs,  perfect sweetheart lips, and bald head.  Your smiles makes everyone around you smile too.
* You are giggling much more.  You still have not had your first belly laugh, but you are getting close.
*You are still not sleeping consistently.   Some nights you can sleep from 7pm-6am (these nights are AMAZING) but many nights you still wake up several times.
*You are rolling all over the place, which is partially why you are having trouble sleeping.
*You can sleep on your tummy.
* The cradle cap is completely gone, YAY!
*You finally enjoy bath time.
*You are an awful napper, they never last more than 30 minutes unless you are in the car.
*You love to grab your toys and bring them to your mouth...everything goes straight to your mouth.
*I think you are teething, but nothing is there yet (tons of drool).
*You have found your tongue and you love to stick it out and make silly sounds.
*You love to jump and play in your excer saucer.

The other major event of this month is the transition from breastfeeding to formula.  This has been super hard on mommy but Ryan has taken well to it.  He gulps down his bottles very quickly.  He gets so excited and will reach out for his bottle when he sees it.  I am lucky that he has transitioned so well.  More about my personal thoughts on the transition in a later blog.

Here is to what I hope is an even better month!  I love my little man.

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