The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is He Sleeping Through The Night?

Yesterday I gave an update on the progress Ryan has made at nap time (today was another good day) and today I'm going to break down how night sleeping has been going.  A lot of the time my blog posts are really for me. I know no one else is really interested in what he is eating, where he is napping, or how long he cryed for... but I know in the future I'm going to want to remember all of these details.  I can just hear the future me saying "Hmm when did Ryan start sleeping through the night?  I can't remember".  So this blog will act as an extended baby book for me to refresh my memory in the future.

Here is the break down of the past 5 months-

Birth - 12 weeks: For the entire first 12 weeks of life Ryan did not sleep well at night.  He would eat every 3 hours, every night, for 12 weeks!  Ugh this was soooo hard.  He would wake up, eat, and then take about 30 minutes before going back to sleep.  That would leave me about 2 hours of sleep before he woke up again.  This cycle was awful!

*Side note- at 6 weeks he started sleeping in his crib and I really started being consistent with his bedtime routine.  He also loved to sleep swaddled.

12 weeks- 3 months: Things were better during this time.  He finally started sleeping for longer stretches.  A normal night was to go to bed around 7:30 and sleep til sometime between 2-3am and then going right back to sleep until 5ish, and then dozing off until 6:30 or 7am.  This was not bad compared to the previous weeks.  I was excited that things were finally getting better.

3 - 4 months: Ryan regressed big time this month.  All of a sudden he was back to waking up several times a night to eat, and we had to wean him out of the swaddle because he was able to roll.  This month a normal night would be trying to put him to bed around 7ish but he would fight it and not actually fall asleep until 9pm!  Then he would wake up around 12, 3, and 5am.  Because he was just learning how to roll and getting use to having his arms free, he would wake himself up all night long.  This was another pretty bad sleep stage. 

4 - 5 months: This month was a repeat of the 12 week-3 month mark.  Back to sleeping longer stretches and only waking one or two times.  But since he had such a bad regression I was super nervous that it could happen again at any time.

5 months: Some nights are AWESOME and other nights are frustrating.  Ryan is finally sleeping through the night on a good night.  He will go to sleep around 7pm and not wake up until sometime between 5 and 6 am.  I wish he would sleep just a little bit longer, but hey I can't complain.  Unfortunately there are still those nights when he is very restless and wakes all the time.  For example, on Saturday he was pretty much awake from 1-4 am.  He would wake up crying/fussing, eventually soothe himself to sleep, and then wake up again 5 minutes later.  He no longer gets any middle of the night feedings, just help getting settled back to sleep. 

*Side note- This is when he started to sleep on his stomach.

He is now 23 weeks/ 5 months old and the past 4 nights in a row he did sleep through the night!!  I have learned not to get too excited but just like the naps, there has been progress!

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