The Taynors

The Taynors

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breastfeeding, Formula, and Solids Revisited

Here is the update on Ryan's eating.  He is officially a formula baby now (sad face).  I do still nurse him first thing in the morning and nurse him for the last bedtime feeding of the day, but all other feedings are bottles.  This transition is much harder on me than it is on Ryan.  He takes a bottle very well and doesn't seem to mind.  But I hate that I have the very best thing for him to be eating, and I'm giving him formula instead.  I just have to remind myself that there is no way I can go back to work and continue to nurse him.  I am trying to be proud that I made it 5 months and not disappointed that I didn't make it longer.  Now that I have experienced both sides, here is my pro/con list for both.

Pro: The very best food for baby!
-Convenient- I never have to worry about supplies, bottles, etc.  I am always able and ready to feed Ryan no matter what the circumstance.
-Love the cuddle time
-A wonderful bond with baby
-Helps with weight loss
-Enjoy the bigger boobs :)
-Easy middle of the night feedings
Cons: Can be hard work and takes determination, but it is worth it!
-Judgemental people when feeding in public
-If  exclusively breast feeding, its hard to do things for yourself, need to be with baby every 3 hours
-Needed to be careful with my own diet
-Basically there are no cons....Nursing is the best!

Pros: Easier to feed out in public
-Other people can feed Ryan, so I get a little bit of alone time when needed
-Easier to track exactly how much he is eating every day
-Mommy can eat and drink whatever I want
Cons: Expensive!
-Not the best/healthiest option for Ryan
-Deciding what formula to use
-Need bottles and supplies
-Have to plan ahead when going out to make sure I have all the supplies needed for the day
-Deciding which bottles to use
-Being prepared for middle of the night feedings
-Bottles don't sooth Ryan to sleep the way boob does
-Easy to over feed baby
-I'll say it again, its EXPENSIVE!

**Most of the cons for breastfeeding (and pros for formula for that matter) can be avoided if you are able to pump.  By pumping you are able to feed baby a bottle when needed and other people are able to join in on the experience of feeding the baby. 

So I am going through nursing withdraw and I am holding onto those last 2 feedings for as long as I can.  I will really miss it but I am so thankful I got the experience.  Trust me it did not come easy... I had a rough start, Ryan took several weeks to really take to the boob, I had breast infections, and I was unable to pump, but it was all worth it! I will absolutely nurse my next baby and hopefully I will be able to do it for even longer. 

At 5 months, we decided to start feeding Ryan solids.  Yesterday was our first day and we started with rice cereal.  It was a fun milestone.  Ryan didn't love it, most of the cereal was pushed back out and ended up all over him... but hey that's the point!  In a few days we will start with some Stage 1 vegetables and then add fruits.  I still have to figure out all the details,like when to introduce new foods, what order to do it in, what the eating schedule will be (this is all STRESSING ME OUT).  Maybe I'll have more helpful information in a few weeks. 

I can't believe how big my baby is getting that he is already sitting in a high chair and eating real food.  Time needs to slow down!

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