The Taynors

The Taynors

Monday, January 27, 2014

Patrick 3 weeks

As suspected, I am already referring back to my blog posts about Ryan to compare what he was like as a newborn. So I want to make sure I keep up and document Patrick's updates too!

Some points....

1. He is a squiggly, wiggly baby
2. Everyone thinks he looks like Mike
3. He is nursing like a champ. That includes eating on demand constantly all day and cluster feeding from 4-9 pm every night. At first this was frustrating because I feel like I have a baby in my boob all day, but I'm adjusting.
4. Like many babies in the 4th trimester, he loves to be held and cuddled. He is not really a fan of being put down (in a swing or a bouncy seat or anything really) yet.
5. He sleeps in a Rock N Play at night and needs to be swaddled. He is starting to develop a semi routine. Normally I start bedtime around 9:00pm, he nurses one more time after I swaddle him. Then he wakes up around 12 and 3:30 and 6 ( approx). The good thing is he normally nurses and then goes right back to sleep, so the wake ups are not that bad.
6. He really doesn't spit up. This is significant because Ryan was the spit up king. I have never had to use a burp cloth!
7. Patrick is a noisy, congested breather. When his nose gets stuffed up ( which it does frequently) he snorts and grunts and gags. It makes me nervous but the ped said its all in the realm of normal.
8. He is a baby of many faces. Whether awake or sleeping, his face is always changing. Super cute.
9. I'm doing much better with going with the flow this time. If he wants to eat, I feed him... If he cries when I put him down, then I hold him.

I think that's it.

(Ughh why do the pictures from my phone come up sideways?!?!)

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