The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, January 23, 2014

First floor renovations

This post is full of cliches, but all true. With Mike home from work, he was able to do lots of projects and upgrades to the 2nd floor of our house. But like they always say, one project leads to another. Once you start house projects it snowballs from one room to the next. We finished the second floor, so of course it started to snow ball down to the first floor. Mike decided it was time to freshen up the first floor.

Our to do list-
New hardwood floors
Baseboard molding
Crown molding
New hardware on all doors
New light fixtures kitchen, dining room, and living area
Run new electric for the living room lights
Paint kitchen
Paint living/dining room
New decor throughout the whole first floor
Front entrance- paint door, exterior light, house numbers.

Time line- We started small projects and prep work on Monday-Wednesday... Bought supplies, painted kitchen, started changing hardware... As much as we could do with Ryan and Patrick in the house.

Then the goal was for the bulk of the project to be done from Thursday-Monday. So the entire renovation would last about 1 week.

I made plans to be out of the house with both kids from early morning til bedtime for all 4 days. We had a mobile attic delivered for storage. And we had my dad and mikes dad coming to help get things done.

Budget- about $5000

Surprise, surprise, we are already behind schedule. We got a call this morning that the floors will not be delivered until next week. Unfortunately this throws off the whole time schedule. As Kim Kardashian said on this weeks episode (hahaha my guilty pleasure), when you plan for a renovation expect it to take twice as long and double the money.

My guess, this delay will lead to another week of renovation. Boooo! Lets pray we can at least stay on budget!

Updates to come later in the week!

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