The Taynors

The Taynors

Monday, August 26, 2013

20 week Pregnant update

I can't not believe I'm already at the half way point... time needs to SLOW down (I know I know, it won't... but I really wish it would).  I feel great and things are going well.... but I feel like I have so much to do and so many pieces that need to fall into the puzzle before I'm ready for baby #2 to join our world.  Plus I am one of those crazy ladies that like to be pregnant (remind me of this again when I am  at week 36) and I don't know if we will try for another baby, so I want to soak this in as much as I can.

How do I feel-
I really feel good, I can't complain!  Most days I feel like normal Shannon with a few growing pains in my lower abs and hips.  Of course I am tired, but wouldn't anyone be tired from balancing life, home, work, and a very energetic 2.5 year old.?! 

Weird symptoms-
 As of right now the "get sick every time I brush my teeth" thing is not happening, thank God.  I am starting to get my crazy, vivid dreams but that is not all that uncommon for me.  I am definitely experiencing shortness of breath (I can't walk up stairs and talk at the same time), I pee CONSTANTLY, and I feel like the baby is super duper low in my pelvis and I feel the kicks in my VaJayJay region more than my  belly.  Other than that I am in good shape.

Just food and lots of it.  Its hard to believe that I barely have gained any weight because I am always hungry and thinking about the next meal, snack, or dessert.  Earlier in the pregnancy I wanted all sweets.  I still want the sweets but I can enjoy the salty/cheesy too :)  I am going to make myself a bowl of cookies as soon as I'm done blogging.

At this point I still run 1-2 times a week, but shorter distances (3 miles is my long day).   I got to All-Star 1-2 times a week and last week I started pre-natal yoga.  It take a lot of effort to keep up the energy to do it, but I swear it makes me feel better overall and I know how good it is for the baby.  Plus the better shape you are in, the best labor is, right?!  I hope so!

On my to-do list
I feel like there are so many little and big things I want to get done before the baby comes, and I really don't have tons of time to do it.  Because we are going to be moving at some point, I am not to worried about getting our current home set up for the baby.  Instead, I am starting to get things organized, put aside the infant things we will need right away, and order the new things we will eventually need in the new house.  It is sooo weird not to set up an official nursery because we don't know where we will be living when the baby is born.  The nursery was such a huge priority when I was pregnant with Ryan.  So here is my current list of things I want to get done in the next 3 months.

-Order Ryan is big boy room furniture
-Completely have RJ potty trained (in progress now)
-Schedule a maternity/family photo shoot for October
-Research and schedule a newborn photographer
-Register for the things we need for the new baby (most likely at Buy Buy Baby)
-Finish all of my Christmas shopping in September and October - I do not want to be 9 months pregnant shopping and wrapping
-Buy nursery bedding and décor so that we can set up the room as soon as we move into the new home
-Research maternity leave for a part time employee and save lots of money so I can take at least some time off
-Take a more natural birth class, like Hypnobirthing or Bradley birth classes (more about my birth plan and options soon)
-Organize all of my pictures and videos of Ryan up to this point- update my baby book, photobooks, shutterfly account, etc. before starting to do it again with baby 2

I think those are the hot topics for now.  I am sure I will lay down in bed tonight and think of a million more important things I wanted to include, but my brain is done.  I'll be back!

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