The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, August 30, 2013

From baby to big boy

This summer has been all about transitioning Ryan from a baby (well really a toddler) to a big boy.  I had a few things that I knew I wanted to accomplish before the next baby was born in January, but once I made a few of These changes, everything else pretty much followed.  All of a sudden I look around the house and realize we have put away almost everything baby related!  I didn't really do this on purpose, it kind of just happened.  It's a good thing, now I feel like we have the next 4 months to just enjoy our "big boy" before we start the whole thing over again.

First change was the crib to bed change.  This went so super smoothly that I kept waiting for something bad to happen. It was a seamless transition.  We told him for a week he was going to move to a big boy bed, and he told everyone he knew about this change.  The first night he had a hard time getting settled, so Mike layer on the floor with him for ten minutes until he calmed down and then said goodnight and left.  Every nap and bedtime since then has been great.  We kept his routine exactly the same, he just had a bed instead of a crib.

This change lead to us putting away the pack n play.  If he was in a bed at home, then we were not going to make him sleeping the pack n play when he is out.

Then I realized there was no reason to keep his high chair out, he can sit in a booster at the table just fine. I guess I was still using it out of habit.  So I scrubbed it down and brought it up to the attic.

Last Friday was the next big change...we officially started potty training.  My next post will be all about that, but I can officially say he is doing great and we are done with diapers (pull ups only at night).

I got rid of the changing station on his dresser, and just today packed up his nursery bedding to get it ready to sell on Craig's list.  We have his new book bag which will now be what he uses to carry all of his emergency meds, snacks, and extra clothes... Diaper bag is being washed and stored til January!  And most importantly, he starts preschool next Friday!

We have made big moves since June and its all bitter sweet.  Only one big thing left to get rid of, and I'm  dreading/stalling big time... The bed time and nap time binky!  I can't take everything away from the poor kid at one time.  That will be the next mountain to climb.

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