The Taynors

The Taynors

Monday, August 26, 2013

Still on team Gender Neutral!

Last Tuesday was my 20 week ultra sound, and we could have found out the sex of this baby.  But we stayed strong and stuck with our gut and did not find out.  We were so happy with our decision not to find out Ryan's gender until the birth and we felt very strongly (and excited) about doing it again.  Not knowing the gender makes that last month, and even labor, just a little bit more exciting.  And the feeling of excitement and love and joy when they finally said I had a baby boy after a pretty crazy labor was just the icing on the cake.

Do I want a boy or a girl?
Of course this time around I have more of an opinion about whether we have a girl or a boy.  I would be totally lying if I said that I didn't want to have a baby girl.  I am a girly girl and I would love to have a daughter to do all of those mother/daughter things with as she grows up.  I want to go prom dress shopping and be back stage at dance recitals and be the mother of the bride one day.  BUT at the same time, I LOVE being a mom to my little boy and I think the idea of brothers is super cute.  I can totally see myself being the mom with tons of boys.  I would be equally as excited to go to soccer games and baseball games.  Plus, having a boy would be a little bit easier on the wallet next year since we have tubs full of clothes!  No matter what there will not be any disappointment and lots to be excited about. 

What do I think it is?
Of course the question I always get is, do I have any feelings about whether its a girl or a boy.  I can honestly say that at this point I have felt strongly both ways.  When I first found out I was pregnant my immediate gut instinct was that it was a girl.  Even through my first 10-12 weeks, I was really feeling girl (probably because I felt like throwing up all day every day).  Then when I entered my second trimester I started to feel more neutral... I really didn't know.  But now as of our ultra sound last week, I am really feeling like its a boy.  Something about seeing the baby on the screen my gut just automatically said I was looking at a baby boy.  When we left the room, without me saying my opinion, Mike totally agreed with me.  Plus as I am getting further along, the old-wives tales are starting to point more to a boy.  So far I am all belly, my skin is not breaking out, I feel pretty much the same way I did with Ryan.... no major girl symptoms (except that I love sweets).

Nursery Theme-
I do have another neutral gender nursery décor picked out for the new house (fingers crossed we will be in the new house when the baby is still an infant lol).  We are going with the gray and white colors with baby elephants.  The furniture is already white, we will do gray walls, and the bedding is all different shades and designs of gray and white.  By time we actually set up the room we will probably already know if its a girl or boy, so I will have some time to buy the accent décor to make it more personal.  I have been on Etsy and love the pink or blue things they have that go alone with baby elephant nursery theme.  It will be easy to get some of the extras in the accent color of choice and have it ready to go when we set up the room.  I am already adding things to my favorites and my shopping cart so all I have to do is click "buy" on the appropriate items when the time comes.

Name Game-
This part is so hard.  If we have a girl we are in good shape.  I have always loved and wanted to have a Charlotte, but we have also really started to like Reagan.  I would be very happy with either name.  No matter what the first name is, her middle name would be Elizabeth after my Nanny.  If its a boy we still have some thinking to do.  The middle name will be Michael no matter what (after my husband and my cousin), but first names are harder.  I really like Patrick but Mike isn't convinced yet.  He is afraid of the nick name Pat as he gets older.  We also toss around Christopher, Anderson, Declan, and Charles, but there is something about each one that has us held up.  I am starting to think more about this... especially now that my gut says we are having a boy.  I am open to suggestions

Bottom line...I will find out around January 10th!

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