The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, January 18, 2013

Preparing for Disney World with a Toddler

This is part 2 of my Disney post!

Aside from all of the excited of the race, I also have all of the excitement of taking Ryan to Disney World for the first time.  He will be just about 2 when we are there (his birthday is that week) and I really think that he is going to love it.  Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Nemo, Cars, Jake and the Neverland are all some of his favorite characters.  We are traveling with the WHOLE family for this trip.... my mom, dad, sister, hopefully brother, Mike's parents, and Aunt B and Uncle Wayne.  Then there are the other 5 girls that are running the race with us.  Its a bit overwhelming but I think it will be a lot of fun.  We have always talked about who we would want to go to Disney World with and this seemed like the right time to invite the grandparents.  Since Megan and I are running, my parents were definitely going to come.  I felt bad inviting my parents but not including Mikes parents so I decided we would go with the more the merrier idea.  Plus it will help Mike have the extra set of hands since there are a few times that I will be busy and not able to help with Ryan.  I don't expect us all to do everything together the whole trip... I am actually hoping everyone does there own thing for a lot of the time.  I will tell everyone where we are going and when, and if we see them great, if not we will meet up later. 

I have been busy doing my normal vacation researching and planning.  There are tons of websites, blogs, iPhone apps, etc. that have great advice for traveling to Disney.  I have been reading them all but I think I have to step away from the computer because its starting to get me stressed instead of excited.  We are set up for the Magical Express, we have dinner and breakfast reservations made, we are doing the meal plan, and I have a pretty good idea of what park we will be going to on what days.  Since we are balancing race related activities and toddler activities, I want to have it pretty well planned.  But I also realize that we will not be able to do everything on this one trip.  I don't want it to be overwhelming or for Ryan to be cranky and miserable, so I think we are still going to plan our days around his schedule.  We will get up and go to the parks whenever he wakes up, and we will probably come back to the hotel around lunch time, and we will probably still get back at a normal bed time at night.  I know not to push my limits.

We have 1 sit down restaurant meal scheduled for each day including character meals scheduled at Chef Mickeys and Liberty Tree Tavern.  I think we will go to each of the parks at least once, but not necessarily for full days.... we will go with the flow and let Ryan determine what we will do.

But I do hope to meet some of his favorite characters and visit the new part of Magic Kingdom.  I also want to do the safari at Animal Kingdom because Ryan is pretty obsessed with animals these days.  Hopefully we see a parade or two and get to try the toddler friendly rides... I'm just excited about the whole thing.  I will write a follow up review when we get back from the trip.

Anyway, between my first marathon and my first trip to Disney with Ryan, I am just a ball of excitement and nerves getting ready for the trip.  Luckily Mike is super laid back and is pretty much just doing what I say we are going to do.  It must be nice to have a travel agent as a wife :)

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