The Taynors

The Taynors

Monday, November 14, 2011

Travel Plans

Those who know me, know that I love to travel.  I don't really spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, going out, etc. but I am always saving up to go on vacations.  For the past several years, pre-pregnancy that is, I would always have a vacation on the horizon.  When I would come home from one vacation, I would start the count down until whatever the next adventure was.  For obvious reasons, my traveling has come to a hault.  But I am starting to get the itch to get back to planning.  I officially have the travel bug.  I love to research cool places, search for the best deals, and plan all the details of the trip.  I know that traveling will be different now that I have a baby, but since he is a little bit older I am ready to get back out there.  I already have lots of plans made for the next year or so.  I'm really looking forward to these vacations before starting all over again with baby #2.

1.  February 2012- Mike, Ryan and I are all going to Palm Harbor, Florida to visit my in-laws.  They have a home right out side of Tampa and near Clearwater Beach so it will be a nice get away from the cold NJ winter.  This will be the first time we take Ryan on an should be an interesting experience!

2.  July 2012- Mike and I are going to Key West for Nick and Heather's wedding.  I am really looking forward to this trip because it will be our first couples vacation since Ryan was born.  Hopefully we will go for 4-5 days so that we can be there for the wedding and do some vacationing.  I have never been to Key West so I am super excited. 

3.  August 2012- Mike, Ryan and I are joining a big group of our friends and renting a house in the Outer Banks for a week.  We are going with the Barkers, Arzonicos, and Eberhardts.  That means there will be 8 adults and 5 kids under 2 1/2 years old.  We can go to the beach, hang by the pool, go into town, and just have a nice relaxing week.  I hope these kind of vacations become an annual thing. 

4.  November 2012- Girls trip!!  The girls and I are going to go on a vacation to celebrate out 30th birthdays!  We have tried many times to plan a girls vacation and it either doesn't happen or only a few of us are able to I'm really excited about getting the whole group of us together.  We have had many discussions about where we should go (a wine tasting resort, spa, beach location) but recently we have been thinking that the best bet might be VEGAS.  Honestly, Las Vegas has a little bit of everything we are looking for.  We can do relaxing spa days, we could shop, we could lay by the pool, we can go out for nice dinners and wine, and for those wanting a little bit more night life... well Vegas is the place to be.  I really really really hope this trip actually happens because we are all new moms and we deserve to do something to celebrate our friendship!

5.  February 2013- Last but not least, we might go to Disney World.  This trip will have a double purpose.  The main reason we are thinking about going at this time is because it is the Disney Princess half marathon.  Several of my girls friends have all agreed that we will train together and make it our goal to run in this race.  So far I have never run more than 3 I have a lot of work to do.  In addition to the race, it will be Ryan's first trip to Disney.  He will be just about 2 years old by then and I think thats a great time to take him on his first trip.  So we are inviting anyone who is interested in coming with us.  Pretty much, we will be there and anyone can join us. 

Hopefully all of these vacations and training for a half marathon will help me keep away the baby bug.  I am no where near being ready to have baby #2 and I want some me time for a little while.  I also would like to be living in a different house by time we get pregnant again.  So setting all of these fun goals will distract me from wanted to get pregnant before we are ready!  I am looking forward to all of this traveling with my son, husband, and friends.

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