The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Making Baby Food Success!

I don't have any fancy gadgets, not the baby bullet or a special baby food steamer, but I wanted to start making some of my own baby food.  I was given the book Baby Love at my shower and I love it!! It has lots of different baby food options for all different ages AND  the author makes it super easy to understand. I know that logically I can not make 100% of Ryan's food myself, but I figure that some home made baby food is better than none.  My reasoning for wanting to spend the time to do this is because 1) Its healthier for him, there are no added preservatives or sugars and 2) Its much cheaper than buying all of the jars. 

My birthday way Monday and Ryan was up with my in laws so I decided that making baby food would be  a fun way to celebrate my birthday (haha I know I'm weird, relaxing in front of the TV is what I should have done).  I got all my ingredients together and off I went.  I hit several road blocks along the way.  The sweet potatoes I was roasting dried out and my blender burnt out in the middle of one of the recipes.  I decided things were not in my favor that day, but I wasn't giving up.  I threw the sweet potatoes in the garbage (I'll attempt that recipe at another time) and bought a new blender and I had much more success the next time around. 

So far I have made pears, peas, a banana/apple/pear combo, and a peas/edamame/apples combo.  They are all frozen into little 1 tablespoon servings and in a container in my freezer.  The recipes made about 30 servings of each so I have a pretty good amount for just getting started.  My goal is to make a few new foods each week and that way I'm always replenishing  my supply and trying new recipes.

Now lets just pray that Ryan actually likes these home made purees!

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