The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 months

Ryan-I feel like I just wrote your 2 month update and here we are at the 3 month mark. This has been a big month for you. First of all we were very busy. We celebrated my first Mother's Day, attended Megan and Matt's college graduations, went to Ocean City for our first family vacation, threw Kelly a baby shower, had our first pool party, and we had your Christening. Luckily you have shown some good improvements so we were able to enjoy most of these events. The crazy man crying is getting to be more controlled... I'm starting to figure you out! Most of the time when you get to the point of out of control crying, its because you are over tired. I am enjoying this happier Ryan! Here are some highlights (and a few lows) of the month:

*You smile and interact with us much more.
*You are 13 pounds- 50% on the growth chart.
*You are enjoying your visits to the chiropractor.
*You are still an awful sleeper- You do not take naps during the day unless you are in a moving car, putting you to bed can take up to two hours, and you still wake very frequently all night long. Hopefully this next month will bring a better sleeping baby!
*You love to lay on your back and watch the world around you.
*You still do not like tummy time, but we are really working on it.
*You are starting to reach for things, but can't really grab them just yet.
*You are a very hungry boy, you love to be nursed!
*You are a little Houdini and can escape your swaddle, so you are now learning to sleep without it.
*You had your first ear infection and cold this month, it was sooo sad to see you sick.
*You love to move around... whether its just walking around on my to see whats going on or dancing around to music, you enjoy movement.
*You love your hands. You stare at them all day and seem interested in what they can do.

and your biggest accomplishment of the month:
*You can roll from your back to your front already! This is super advanced haha!

Your dad and I love you very very much and enjoy watching you grow each day!

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