The Taynors

The Taynors

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Vacation

This past week, we went on our first little family vacation.  Megan graduated from Salisbury University on Thursday (yay Meg), so we decided to make the week a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland since we were going to be in the area anyway.  My college roommate Stephanie and her family graciously let us stay at their beach home in Ocean City, which made it possible for all of us to stay together. In addition to the trip to OC, Mike, Ryan, and I spent a weekend in Annapolis visiting with my other college roommate.  It was really nice to get away for the week!  Here is a quick recap of our trip.

First we went to Annapolis for the weekend.  Amanda is having her baby boy this July, and her shower was conveniently scheduled for the weekend we were going to MD anyway.  So Mike, Ryan, and I stayed at their beautiful home and enjoyed a really nice visit with my roommates.  Saturday we had Amanda's shower and then spent the evening sorting through all of her new goodies.  The guys spent the day drinking and eating and smoking cigars.  Then on Sunday we went into downtown Annapolis, went on a few walks, and went out to dinner.  Luckily, Stephanie was able to join us for dinner so we all had plenty of time to catch up.  Mike and I always say "we can live down here" after we go for a visit.  Annapolis is such a cool area.

Then on Monday morning we left for Ocean City.  We stopped to visit Megan in Salisbury on our way, and my parents met us there.  Over the next few days we helped Megan get packed up to move, the guys played golf, we went on many walks, shopped the Rehoboth outlets, and ate A LOT!  I found it especially nice be around my family and have the extra help with Ryan.  Everyone enjoyed getting to spend some time with him.  The whole week was nice and relaxing for everyone.  On Thursday, we went to Megan's graduation.  I have to give Salisbury credit, the graduation ceremony was nice and did not take forever.  That night we celebrated the graduation by going to dinner at Fager's Island and then out for a few drinks at Secrets.  I wish my first trip to Secrets was not while I was a breastfeeding mom of a 2 month old, but it was still cool to see what it was all about.  I will definitely need to make an adults only trip back at another time. 

I was nervous to travel with Ryan, especially after the rough beginning he had.  But everything went really well.  He did fine sleeping in the pack and play and he was generally a happy baby.  I am lucky that he likes to sleep in the car and the stroller because we were able to do a lot of things with him.  We spent many hours shopping at the outlets and he was great the entire time!  I am also getting better at breastfeeding in many different locations.  Throughout the week I nursed Ryan at the baby shower, in the car, and Megan's house.  We pretty much did whatever it was we wanted to do and when it was time to feed him, I found a quiet corner and fed him.  If we were in a busy place, I covered up and tried to be discreet but I didn't let it get me nervous.  I want to be able to live my life AND I want to nurse my boy as long as possible... so I just have to go with the flow. 

The other thing I was nervous about was going out to eat.  I had no idea what to expect when it came to eating out (especially dinner since that is his fussy time) .  But I am happy to say we ate out 3 times for breakfast, 4 times for lunch, and 4 times for dinner, and we had no problems at all.  Sometimes he slept the whole time, sometimes he was awake but quiet, and once or twice he needed to go on a little walk to help him get settled; but we never had to pack up the food and leave the restaurant.  I am thankful for the travel system we have because it made these dinners much easier.  We would just pop the car seat right into the stroller and bring him into the restaurant like that.  Then the stroller was ready if he needed to be rocked. 

Its the little things you worry about when traveling with a baby, but I am happy to say everything went smoothly on our first vacation.  I want my baby to be portable, so this first test was a good sign. I just need to remember to stay relaxed and enjoy myself and everything will be fine.  Ryan is not going to totally change our lives, but join the life we already live... and that will include traveling!

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