The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Adventures of Spit Up

When you have a baby that spits up a lot, every day can be interesting.  Many of my friends have heard the story of the one morning he spit up on EVERYTHING; his crib, the rocker, changing table, me, himself, his dad, the carpet, and his activity mat.  There are also times that I complain that he throws up huge amounts and some how I end up catching it in my hands.  I have quickly learned to always have an extra... an extra crib sheet ready, changing pad cover, outfit for Ryan, top for me, burp cloth, etc. 

This morning was an extra special one when it comes to spit up.  We were getting ready for a 9:15 appointment and I fed him before we left.  He then threw up all over himself, all the way down to his feet.  I quickly brought him upstairs to change him and clean him up before we had to leave.  As soon as I lifted him from the changing table in his new cute outfit, he threw up again (and we aren't talking little baby spit up, I'm talking cover your whole outfit spit up).  So even quicker than before I changed him again so we could get out the door for the appointment.  That was not the end of it, once I had him strapped into his car seat and was walking out the door... you guessed it, more spit up!  Luckily we had a short break while at the doctors appointment, but the consistent spit up did continue the rest of the day.  Once down my back, once on the couch, and several more times all over himself. 

Needless to say it was a rough day for Ryan and the laundry hamper filled up very quickly! I hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

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