The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We have been home with Ryan now for 9 days, he will be 2 weeks old tomorrow!  Life has been busy, overwhelming, wonderful, stressful, and the most amazing 9 days of my life.  Due to the pregnancy hormones, its has also been an emotional roller coaster.  First of all, we have had non stop visitors since the day we came home.  Of course I love and appreciate every single person who wants to be around to visit with Ryan and I.  I also appreciate all of the help (people bringing dinner, boy clothes, doing the laundry, etc).  But... it is a bit crazy because I feel like we have a revolving door.  Its been hard for me to get into any kind of routine with Ryan because every day has been so busy.  For any of you reading this, please continue to visit as often as you want!  I am not at all turning people away, just expressing how busy we have been :) 

We have also had several doctors appointments to follow up with some of the health issues Ryan had in the hospital.  We have been to the hospital 2 more times and the pediatrician twice.  I was also at the OBGYN yesterday because I have a UTI... I know, we can't catch a break in this house.  Anyway, the update on Ryan's health is great.  He is back up to his birth weight, he is peeing/pooping like a champ, his jaundice number is down to a 4.5, and he is eating much better.  We have a follow up with the cardiologist on Monday so that will be the final piece to the puzzle. 

The big question everyone keeps asking is... "How is he sleeping at night?"  Well every night has been different.  We had a few nights that Ryan woke up every single hour and seemed to be hungry constantly.  Then we had a few nights where he slept for about 3 hours at a time, which gives me a chance to get a little bit of sleep.  So its been pretty inconsistent.  This seems to be our routine through the night:  Change diaper, swaddle, feed him (this could take up to 45 minutes), burp him, wait for him to fall asleep soundly in my arms, lay him down and pray that he falls/stays asleep.  If he stays asleep I am able to lay down and sleep too, yay!  If not, he starts to get fussy pretty quickly and I have to figure out what the issue may be.  Sometimes he just wants to be held close and snugly to me, other times he is still hungry and wants to eat more,  and it could mean that he did a big poop and needs his diaper changed again before going to sleep.  No matter what, it means I can be up for long stretches of time in the middle of the night.  After a short period of sleep, we repeat the the routine.

At first Ryan would not sleep flat on his back, so he hated his bassinet.  A few nights he would spend the entire night in his swing.  He seems to be getting more comfortable with back sleeping now which is a really good thing.  A pacifier is also great to help sooth him in the middle of the night, but as soon as it falls out of his mouth we have a screaming baby again.  I can tell he really wants to just suck his thumb.  I would be happy if that happens because it would make night times much more peaceful.

Mike had to go back to work this Monday, and I hate that he is not home with us.  I was very anxious, sad, nervous this weekend in anticipation of him going back.  I am EXTREMELY JEALOUS of any women who gets to have her husband stay home with them for an extended period of time.  I miss him tremendously when he is gone and I feel bad that he is not around to see the little changes that Ryan goes through each day.  I count my blessings that I have such a great husband that is able to provide for us, but I wish we had more time with him home.  As for me, I am feeling pretty good.  My stitches area is still very sore.  Like I said before, I also developed a UTI so I am uncomfortable there too.  I don't get to shower every day, and I am feeling pretty sleep deprived BUT it is all worth it when I look at my beautiful baby boy. 

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