The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, March 31, 2017

Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

I am officially 27 weeks pregnant as of Sunday, that is considered third trimester isn't it??  I can't believe how fast this whole thing is going.  I think I spent the whole first 20 weeks being worried, thinking about my health, babies health, and just praying a healthy pregnancy continued, that I never really sat back and experienced being pregnant.  So now I am 2/3rds done, and just now really feeling pregnant.  Some random facts and happenings.

-  I feel really good right now, I have been calling it the sweet spot of pregnancy.  The headaches and vomiting is finally over.  I look pregnant (not just fat and bloated) but not big enough to be super uncomfortable yet.  I have decent energy and still sleeping okay.  Generally speaking, I feel great and am enjoying this stage of pregnancy.

- Heart burn has kicked in big time again.  This is about par for the course for my pregnancies.

-I am really liking my new midwives I switched too.  There are 5 of them, and I have liked each one more than the last.  They seem super supportive of my natural delivery goals, they are welcoming of me having a doula, and they are very easy to talk to about any questions I have.  I am super glad I finally found a good practice.

- I did officially hire a doula again for this pregnancy and birth.  She is not the same one I used last pregnancy, but another women I have worked with a lot through my job and that I connected with.  We will be having our first official meeting with her soon to start the birth preparation process.  I am really excited about having her.  I think it will be really supportive for me, and really great for Mike too.

-We think we picked a name.  I am 99% sure this baby boy will be Thomas Michael.  We narrowed it down to Thomas or Harrison, but both Ryan and Patrick really seem to be connecting to Thomas and now refer to the baby as Thomas all the time.  It just feels more natural.  But I am not committing to anything yet.

-The shots pretty much stink.  They are getting harder as I get bigger.  I have less skin to grab, so the actual injection is harder to get in my skin.  I am also bruising a lot more and they just sting a lot.  No fun at all.  But hey they seem to be working so I can't complain.

-Ryan is loving everything about my pregnancy and prepping for his baby brother.  He comes in every morning when he wakes up to check on the baby and kiss my stomach.  He can't wait til Sunday's when we can read the new "baby report" on my pregnancy app.  He likes to feel the baby move and has lots of questions.  Its really sweet.  Patrick isn't quite as thrilled, but is warming up to the idea.  He is now excited that there is a baby in my tummy, but doesn't want the baby to actually come out and live with us.

-I plan to keep working til about June 1, and then take the month leading up to baby's arrival off.  I also starting working a new job, so I will balance the two jobs until maternity leave and then figure out the plan after baby is here (see next post about that!)

-I really need to start getting organized for this baby.  I was just thinking today and realizing how much stuff I actually need.  Almost all of my baby gear is old or expired or outdated.  They survived Ryan and Patrick but are now past their prime.  So I need to figure out what I MUST have, what I would LIKE to have, and whats really not needed for baby 3.  I also need to get into the nursery, get the walls painted, decorate, sort through the closet and bins of stuff to see what I actually have.  Right now the room is just a dumping ground of baby stuff.

-And most importantly, I just found out today that the Friendly's Ice Cream by my house delivers!!  Can you believe it?  How did I never know this?  So I am enjoying a pregnant woman's dream come true and eating a huge ice cream Sunday that was delivered to my house on this rainy night :)

Pictures from our little babymoon to Mike's parents house in Florida.  A few days of relaxation and sun.

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