The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sleep Training Sucks

Sleep training sucks, it's awful, I hate it, ahhhh!!

We have been in sleeping hell recently. I won't go into the specifics, who wants to hear about that, but I will say that all aspects of Patrick's sleep (and unfortunately some issues with Ryan too) have been really bad. That means we are all tired, all stressed, and I'm desperate for a change.

Our days start between 4-5 am, and Patrick wants to be up for the day, doesn't he know mommy is not a morning person. Then Ryan is up by about 6:30.

Naps, what are naps?? No one gets to nap recently. Patrick takes forever to fall asleep and then his naps only last 20-30 minutes tops. I think we have been blessed with maybe 5 naps that are longer then a half an hour in his entire lap. Even in the car or a stroller, after 30 minutes the eyes pop open and the screams immediately start. I can sometimes get a little bit more if I am holding him in my arms... Which is impossible which a three year old (thank God for GiGi).

And at the same time, Ryan has suddenly decided he doesn't really want to nap. It's been a week or two of very short naps. I'm
Scared... It might be that time where the naps start to fizzle out! I'm not ready, make it stop. I was hoping for at least a few months when both Patrick and Ryan were taking an afternoon nap! It doesn't look like that dream us going to come true. Oh man.

Okay back to the baby. As if naps where not bad enough, night time is a nightmare. He can not settle himself to sleep at night. We officially started sleep training on July 12 (because he was waking up 5-6 times every night) and he has cried hysterically at bed time every single night since then. Once he finally gets himself settled (after what can be almost an hour) he then will normally sleep through til about 4 am... But that's still not consistent.

In addition to it being hell to listen to the baby cry so hard every night, and feeling helpless about it, the crying keeps Ryan awake. So we can't get Ryan settled to bed until after Patrick finally settled. And even that takes a while, Ryan then takes almost an hour to fall asleep and gets up to pee or poop multiple times each night before he actually falls asleep. We work hard at bedtime in this house.

Anyway, I have tried it all... Sound machine, go to bed drowsy but not asleep, giving him more to eat during the day, a steady bedtime routine, letting him cry it out, not responding when he wakes up in the middle of the night, not nursing him until close to 5 am... I'm feeling helpless.

I have started praying every night, one night things will change, one day he will take a real morning nap... One day! And for the first time I am considering hiring a sleep consultant. I'm desperate!

That's it for now. End of rant 😁 wish us luck!

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