The Taynors

The Taynors

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy 6 months to Patrick

I can't believe this milestone came so fast.  I blinked and he was 6 months old... as I type this, he is closer to his first birthday than to his birth.  Thats crazy talk!

This has been a great month, just like every month with this little guy.  He is such a happy baby and he loves to take in the world around him.  It doesn't take much to make him smile or to get him to giggle.  Here are the fun facts of 6 months:

-He is still 26 1/4 in long, no growth from last month.  But he is now 16 6/16 lbs.  That puts him at about 25-50%
-Still in size 2 diapers and clothes 3-6 months.
-He is still nursing well... only breast milk still. 
-We started solid foods.  I skipped the cereals because they are really void of any true nutrients and not really a necessity.  We started with peas and then 5 days later gave him sweet potatoes.  He really liked both of them and is having fun playing with the new foods.  For now I am making all of the baby food (I just use a good old fashion blender and ice cube trays to freeze individual servings).

-Not much interest in water yet.  He will have a couple ounces occasionally in a bottle, but doesn't really like it.
-Patrick is still rolling, but not often.  He only likes to roll when he has to, not just for fun.
-Big Milestone- he can sit on his own!  He is still a little wobbly, and I always stay near by, but he is officially sitting.
-His babbles are changing, he now says "dadada" frequently.
-He can blow bubble and make raspberry sounds with this mouth.
-He makes the silliest faces with his tongue and lips, its like he is exploring with the different faces he can make.
-When he smiles really big he has a little dimple in his right cheek.
-His new hair is starting to grow in.  The infant hair is dark brown, but the new hair is lighter.  I am not sure what color hair he will have.
-His eye color is frequently changing too.   Some days they are very brown, some times hazel or greenish. 
-He has the cutest perfect little baby face!
-His skin is so smooth and soft, I love baby skin.

Now onto the only bad think... his sleep!  His sleep habits are so bad and I have been really working so hard on it. Currently a normal day is this:

-Naps-  the goal is for a 9am, noon, and 3pm nap.  But his naps are still only 30 minutes exactly.  He has a hard time falling asleep and then wakes up at exactly 30 minutes every nap, every day.  If he is sleeping in someone arms (like when we are out at the beach or something like that), he will sleep closer to an hour, maybe even 90 minutes... but thats rare and obviously I don't want to get into that habit.

-Bedtime-  I think this part is even harder.  Bedtime routine starts about 6:30pm.  He is normally asleep by 7 ish.  But then from like 7:30-midnight he wakes up all of the time randomly.  He goes from sound asleep to screaming in about 2 seconds.  I don't feed him, and I try to let him settle himself, but he really doesn't.  We normally have to go up and rub his back or do a quick rock and lay him back down. 

Then he sleeps well from midnight through 4 am, and then the craziness happens again.  I won't nurse him til after 4 or 5 am, but then he wants to be up for the day.  He occasionally doses off but only like 20-30 minutes at a time. 

So sleep is limited right now.  I am trying to have a very set schedule and routine for him and stick to it (which is nearly impossible when he has someone new watching him every day during the week), but its just not working right now.  I did start official cry it out this weekend for bedtime and nap times, so right now life sucks.  He cries for  30 minutes, 40 minutes, even and hour... its so hard to listen to.  But cry it out over night or when Ryan is taking a nap is extra hard because now everyone is the house is away. 

I am praying that this issue starts to resolve itself.  I just feel bad because he is so restless and has such a hard time settling to sleep.  I feel so bad for him :(

But other than sleep-  he is my perfect little angel and we are all loving every minute of having him in our world. 

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