The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, June 20, 2014

First and Last Day of Preschool

As I was driving Ryan to his last day of preschool this morning, I caught myself daydreaming about what was going on in life in September and what's going in now... And boy things are different!

In September-

-It was a beautiful morning (actually exactly like today's weather)
- Ryan was newly potty trained but still in his crib
- I woke up with two cats sleeping by my feet.
- We were rushing out of the house because we had someone coming for a 3rd look at our house!
- We were getting excited about moving, building our new home, and a baby on the way
- Our goal was to sell by the end of October (we had very high hopes for the girl that was coming that morning). I was sure today would be the day we got an offer after 4 months on the market.
- We anticipated getting a rental for a few months before our house was ready.
- We picked the exterior/shutter color of the house and had appointments with kitchen design people.
- I was about half way through my pregnancy. We didn't know the sex but I was thinking it was a girl.
- Mike was in his 8th year at Warner Chilcott
- I had a good balance between working and being an at home mom
- It was the day of Laura's wedding rehearsal! Was getting ready for a weekend with my girlfriends.

Now here in June-

- Same gorgeous day
- Ryan woke up in his big boy bed, new room, and he even had a dry overnight pull up!
- We no longer have kitty cats cuddling with me as we sleep. They are living with a new loving family. Instead I have a sleeping 5 month old in my arms.
- My baby is here... And he is a boy haha. Oops I was wrong (I'm nursing my sweet boy as I type this)
- I was rushing around getting ready for school which is more hectic with a new baby in the mix.
- Mike left early for work since he now has a new job up in North Jersey. After getting laid off with Warner Chilcott, he started at Valiant in February.
- We are still living in our original home, we did not move.
- The house is not on the market... We will be staying here for a couple more years (no talk about babies or moving til 2016).
- I started doing hair again this week, July 7 is back to the office but we still haven't figured how it's all going to work.
- Jackie has moved to Virginia and Kelly will soon be in NC. Crazy how I didn't move but both of them did!
- Big plans tonight is for a family movie night- Lucky Duck on Disney jr.

I can't believe how much has changed (or didn't change) over the past 9.5 months. I feel like it was such a whirlwind year. I'm looking forward to making the most of the summer and hopefully a less eventful year come September!

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