The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, June 12, 2014

5 months - Patrick

Here we are again, another monthly update.  Time goes even faster with the second baby!

The facts-
Patrick is 15 lbs 9 oz
Wears size 3-6 months
Size 2 diapers

Whats going on this month:
- The beginning of this month was rough.  I don't know if Patrick was teething or had a little tummy virus, but he was having a hard time.  He started (and actually still has) super gross poopy diapers multiple times a day, the drool started pouring, low 99-100 fevers almost every day for a week or so, he was very cranky, and he had bad sleep regression.  Things seem to be getting better.  He is happier and back to sleeping better, no more fevers, but still no teeth.  Who knows what was going on.

-Night sleeping-  He totally had awful 4 month sleep regression.  He started waking much more frequently, and had a hard time falling asleep.  I tried to continue the sleep training, I didn't feed him until at least 4 am and I would try to sooth him without picking him up, but it was a few weeks of feeling like I had a new born again. 

Now things are better, he is on a pretty regular routine.  Bedtime routine starts around 6:30 and he is normally asleep by 7:00-7:15.  Then he will sleep through the night til sometime between 4-5:30am.  Then I nurse him and we both kind of dose off again.  After this wake up its kind of dicey.  Some nights he goes back to sleep, some nights he wakes up like he is ready for the day.  I never know what I"ll get.  But even if he is wide awake I'll lay him down in his crib or rock n play and let him hang out while I kind of sleep some more.

- The two struggles currently are day time naps and driving in the car.

Naps- still exactly 30 minutes every single time.  At least they are now in his crib, but always 30 minutes.  I can not wait to cross this mile stone and be on a better nap schedule.  The day is pretty routine- nap at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm... we just need them to be a little longer.

Car drives-  If I don't time it perfectly, he screams for car rides.  He is normally such a happy baby, but for some reason he gets crazy man in the car.  So two things happen.... either I time car rides right before he gets tired so I know he will fall alseep, or I prepare myself for a car ride of screaming and just deal with it.

- Its funny how different kids can be.  At this stage Ryan was log rolling all over the house all day long.  Patrick has rolled once or twice from his back to his belly, and once or twice from his belly to his back... but thats it.  He just has no interest in rolling.  And Ryan would do 360s in his crib all night long, hitting every inch of his crib... and Patrick wakes up in the exact same spot he fell asleep in.

-He is still super smiley and I get lots of good laughs when I tickle his thighs or neck.  Such a cute baby.

-For the most part he is happy, easy going, and just kind of takes in the things to go on around him.

-He is still only breastfed.  He is nursing well, so as long as I can pump well when i'm working, I will continue as long as I can.  But he is starting to show interest in food, follows and reaches for my food when I am eating, so I think we will introduce some fruits and veggies at 6 months.  We are going to skip the cereals all together.

-As of his 5 month appointment, he is no longer being vaccinated.  I am debating writing a different post about this.  I have been doing a ton of research and we are happy with this decision, but I don't want to start any debates.  We will see.  

-His new hair is growing in, its lighter than when he was born, but not blonde like his brother.  His eyes are also starting to get darker.  I am starting to think Patrick looks more and more like his cousin JJ and less like Ryan.  I can still see some similarities in their noses and mouth area, but really they are very different.

Basically he is doing really great.  Mike and I just love his sweet face and Ryan is becoming very protective of his little brother.  Life is good!

Ryan at 5 months- just for comparison (Ryan was a chunky monkey)

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