The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ryan 2.5

Stupid blog press app! Yet again I wrote a 75% complete post, then Ryan woke up so I left my phone unattended, and when I came back my phone was in shutdown mode and the post was gone. Ugh
Lets try again...
Here are some fun happenings in Ryan's world.
- he is officially 31 months, just over 2.5
- he has turned into a real "big boy". When I ask him what happened to my baby ( meaning him) he simply responded "baby is in your belly silly mom". I guess he is right.
- yesterday he told me, totally unprompted, that I was the best mommy in the whole wide world. Awesome mommy moment.
- he is 36 inches, 34 lbs, wears a size 2t but almost ready for 3t, and his shoes are a 9W (big fat feet).
- he still takes a good 2 hour nap from about 1-3 and goes to bed between 7:30-8. Normal wake up is still 7am. Can't complain about that schedule!
- potty training is going well. He is totally trained during the day and peepee, but not overnight.
- he likes to be "nakey"... I'm going to be in trouble when he gets older.
- he is in Mrs. Ennis' class at Westminster Nursery school and really loves it as far as I can tell. He is going to have another speech eval next week to check out his drooling, speech, and fine motor skills.
- he talks ALOT! I have gotten pretty good at interpreting his sentences. It's fun to be able to have back and forth conversations. Especially in the car, he talks non-stop.
- some of his favorite things are construction trucks, cooking, "helping" mom and dad, building with blocks, and making forts with the couch pillows.
-he is pretty excited about Halloween, he is going to be a monkey.
- our favorite time of day is Saturday/Sunday morning cuddle time in bed with mommy and daddy
- his cousins JJ and Sophia were born last month. It helped make him understand that we are going to have a baby like that at our house soon.
- he is really curious, asks lots of questions, and remembers everything! He surprises us everyday with his thoughts.
-favorite shows are still Disney Junior (Jake, Mickey, Einsteins) but he also likes Super Why and Go Diego Go.
- favorite color is "blue"
- and that's all the pops into my head for now.
Some random pictures from my phone!

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