The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week 24

Not much new to add since my last pregnancy post.  I generally feel good and things are flying by.  A couple of notes...

1.  Heart burn has officially started.  Luckily its not a daily thing yet, but when I get it, I feel like I'm going to burp up fire.

2.  Braxton Hicks have officially started too.  I know I got them early last pregnancy, but I feel like this is even earlier.  I get them almost every night, and they are pretty strong.  My doctor says its pretty normal... rest, drink lots of water, and lay down if they get really bad.

3.  I have had a few random days of spotting.  I did see the doctor and she  thinks everything seems fine, but it may be a sign that I need to take a step back and rest more.  So at this point I'm not really running anymore, just walks and occasional jogging, and I'm not going to All-Star anymore.  I can't do nothing... so I"m still working out but just at a slower pace.  Sticking with pre-natal yoga and my prenatal workout videos and some fast walk/slow jogs.  Plus I am really trying not to let the stress of work and trying to sell the house get to me.... when I"m tired, I need to take a break.

4.  The name game is not going well.  Girls we are okay... Charlotte or Reagan.  I am even okay with the idea of going to the hospital without a decision and waiting til we meet the baby to pick.  But our boys name list keeps getting longer and longer and we are not even close to deciding.... help!!!   On the list currently is (and this is always changing)...

Uggh boys names are hard!

5.  I am back to having no clue what the sex of this baby is... and even better... it 100% doesn't matter.  I really thought I would care, but there are times that I feel like I totally want another boy and others where I know I would want a daughter one day too.  Its no longer just a bunch of bull... I would be thrilled with either a girl or a boy!

6.  I registered at Babies R Us and Amazon Wish List for the few things we need to prepare for this new baby.  We are currently looking for new big boy furniture for Ryan so the new baby can get the nursery furniture.  I scheduled maternity and newborn photos.  And I started Christmas shopping already so I don't have to worry about it at the end of pregnancy.  Those are some things off my to-do list!

Otherwise, Life is good!  I am one of those crazy ladies that love being pregnant!

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