The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Ryan is 2!  Woo Hoo!  And so far I LOVE 2!

We had a birthday party for him on Saturday, March 2 at my parents house.  We debated for a long time as to where to have the party... at my brothers gym, at a friends house, at a place like Gymboree... but in the end we decided on doing it at my parents house again and invited less people than his first birthday.  I also decided I wanted to stick with a Mickey Mouse themed party because we just got back from Disney and Ryan is still pretty into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I promised myself that I wouldn't go over board with the decorations this year, but once I got started it was so hard not to do it.  Its fun to get caught up in a theme!  Here are some of the pictures of the decorations. 


Food ideas-  I stole most of the ideas from other blogger and pintrest.  Food is always a challenge for me because I need to avoid the foods that Ryan is allergic to (we didn't want a do over of last year) and include foods that he could eat with all of his guests so that he doesn't always have to be different.  So I came up with a pretty healthy, child friendly menu that was also pretty allergy friendly for Ryan.  To continue with the theme, I also tried to give the food cute names. Then for desert, my mom and I made him a gluten free egg free Mickey cake and my sister in law Michelle made an awesome cake for the other guests, Mickey cake pops and rice kreespie treats.  Unfortunately, Ryan hated his personal cake (I have since researched better cake recipes and found a great GF and Egg Free chocolate cake that he really likes).

The guest list included my parents, Brian, my in-laws, Michelle, Jerome, Aunt Barbara, the Morris', Ebherhardts, Barkers, Arzonicos, Rykers, and Kimmy.  

Overall, it was a great party!  No emergency room trips this year, just a fun time with our favorite people.  It was fun to watch Ryan's reaction to things throughout the entire party.  He totally understood that it was his party and all of the friends, presents, cake, etc were for him. 


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