The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lots of Random Updates

I seriously could write a blog post every day, but it always gets put to the bottom of my to do list.  I have about 15 more minutes before Ryan wakes up from his nap, so here are some of the updates in the Taynor house!

-  We are soooo ready for summer.  I am over this colder weather and can not wait to feel the hot sun.  I am already counting down the days until we can go to the beach on Fridays, OBX, play in the back yard, swim in the pool... ahhh I want summer.

-  Ryan's speech is getting much better.  He is finally getting 2-3 word sentences, he knows his full name is Ryan Joseph Taynor, he can tell me what he wants, he repeats everything we say, and he is starting to tell us stories and sing songs.  I am definitely feeling better about his verbal level, but I did finally make the call to early intervention because of his drooling.  I am not exaggerating when I say that he drools all day, everyday.  We can go through 3 shirts every day and we need to change bibs every hour or so.  Its getting ridiculous.  Now that he is two and he has all of his teeth, there really is no reason for this to be such an issue.  The pediatrician agreed with me, and agreed that it is time to call Early Intervention and talk to a speech therapist about a possible jaw weakness or swallowing issue.  I have also noticed he is having issues recently with choking and gagging on food, but the strange part is that he is gagging on foods that he has been eating for a long time now.  Anyway, I made the call last week and we are set up for his evaluation next Wednesday. 

-We are about to enter our busiest wedding season yet.  Mike and I have 7 weddings between now and November.  I am excited because it gives us an excuse to get out of the house and have some time as adults and a couple, but I am a little bit stressed about the financial part.  Weddings are expensive... I need a few more dresses, wedding gifts, hotel rooms for the far ones... so having a wedding every month is definitely putting a little bit of stress on our monthly budget.  Laura's wedding is in September and I am a bridesmaid, so that also means we are planning a bridal shower and a bachelorette party for the summer.  Plus Mike is a groomsmen for Tim's wedding in October.  Bottom line is that we have a very busy 6 months ahead of us!

-As most people already know, I have baby fever pretty bad these days.  I am not pregnant yet, but I can't stop thinking about it.  I could go on and on about this for a while, but I'll keep my crazy baby thoughts to myself for now :)

-Mike finally joined me in the 30 club this weekend!   I wanted to do something special for him, to help make his birthday memorable.  Since most of our friends have young kids, a guys night out was the best plan (guys went out drinking and the girls stayed home with the kids).  I rented them a limo and sent them out to Philly for the night.  I think they had a great time and Mike was happy so I think it was a success.

- I am starting to work with a nutrition/wellness coach next month.  Her name is Tracey and I met her through working with Dr. Rob.  We have met a few times at a variety of work events, but I finally got together with her to discuss how her program works.  Make a long story short, she is a nutrition specialist that works with families to create a natural, healthy diet, limiting all the crap and chemicals we eat on a regular basis.  She also works with food allergies and sensitivities and with supplements as a way to improve conditions like eczema, asthma, behavior issues, and build immune systems.  It caught my attention at first because I am actively working to improve Ryan's allergies and skin conditions and work preventitively to avoid future illnesses (kids with allergies are more likely to have asthma, ADHD, and other development issues).  But I am also interested in working with her so that I can change some of my own habits, hopefully have a healthy pregnancy in the future, and give any future children a healthier start! 

After working for Dr. Rob this past year and a half, I have met tons of awesome people and I have learned soooo much.  I am now much more aware of the chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, and toxins that are in our foods and homes.  Old habits die hard, so I am looking forward to having a "coach" help me through the process of making changes for my family. 

Ryan is awake so I guess I have to end there.  I'll be back soon :)

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