The Taynors

The Taynors

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How chiropractic care made big changes in my life...

I frequently think about writing this post, then I never do because I don't want to come off cheesy or preachy.  But I then realized its my blog, my journal, and its important to me so I should tell my story. 

When Ryan was 8 weeks old I decided to take him to a chiropractor for his colic, reflux, and sleeping issues.  I was hoping to get some relief and for Ryan to start feeling better, but I got way more out of it than I would ever have imagined.  Of course the immediate change was that it helped Ryan.  The very first night he slept for 6 hours (unheard of at that time), his reflux got better, and he slowly became a happier child.  In the meantime, Mike and I also started care and we learned so much about our bodies and our health that I never knew before.  Little did I know, this was the very beginning of some major life changes.

In order to not ramble, I'm going to break it down into categories of how going to the chiropractor and meeting Dr. Rob has changed my life!

We all get adjusted regularly-  This is the obvious change.  For the past year and a half Mike, Ryan, and I have all been adjusted regularly (at least 2x per month).  We have had adjustments to help our aches and pain, common colds, coughs, allergies, running injuries, TMJ, headaches, ear infections, stomach issues, car accidents, falls down the stairs, and thats just the start.  I have been going to a chiropractor on and off since I was a teenager, but Dr. Rob was the first chiropractor that actually taught me what an adjustment is and how it benefits the entire body.  I have a whole new understanding of what going to the chiropractor is all about and how it is a great thing for everyone (infants through senior citizens). 

The health of my family-  Beyond just getting adjusted, I have learned more about true health and wellness than I can even explain.  I have a whole new understanding and education on the foods we eat, the chemicals and toxins in our lives, what stress does to the body, our immune systems, etc. etc.  It started because Dr. Rob offers health talks every Tuesday night.  They are about a half an hour long and they are on all different topics (rotates between eating well, thinking well, moving well, and generally being well).  Every week is a new topic and a new discussion.  When I was a patient, Mike and I would try to go to a talk about once a month and we always go a lot of information out of it.  Then of course when I started working for the office and for Dr. Rob, the education became pretty much non-stop.  I'll say it again, I have learned SOOOO much.  Sometimes I joke that I wish I could "unknow" some of the things I have learned because it is easier to just go back to my naive ways haha. 

But seriously, now I shop differently (more organic, natural, less pre-packaged, no high-fructose corn syrup, fresh local produce, read all ingredients), I cook differently (no cooking sprays, baked-not fried, veggies with all meals, less dairy, smoothies as snacks), I exercise differently (running and boot camp at my brothers gym), I think differently (positive thoughts, spirituality, avoid or address stress), and I am generally happier and healthier than I have ever been!

A new job and career opportunities-  This is probably one of my biggest changes.  I quit my secure job and started on a whole new career path with Dr. Rob (and Christy and Anna in the office).  Sometimes things happen for a reason...actually I am learning that most times things happen for a reason.  When I went through my melt down about not wanting to go back to teaching, I talked to Dr. Rob.  At that time I was only a patient but I had developed a pretty good relationship with the office.  I just casually mentioned to him that I was looking for a change, and if he ever heard of a new part time job opportunity, to keep me in mind.  Long story short, I have now been working with Coombs Chiropractic for a year and a half... and I love it! 

The best part of this new jobs is that is has been developing over time.  I started as a 10-15 hour a week marketing person for the office.  Over the year I took on more responsibilities and started working more hours (some times in the office and some times at home).  But recently we have some really great, really big projects that we are working on that has started to turn my role into more of a career spot than just an hourly job.  Dr. Rob and I have had a few great conversations recently about my roll in the office and with his new projects/businesses.  We are both on the same page that I want to continue to work for him and continue to take on more challenges and that I am in it for the long run.  There is discussions on turning into a more salary or bonus based income and for me to take on bigger responsibilities...all while still making my own schedule and working more part time than full time. 

I am really excited and motivated about what we have going on and about my new career. I think it is pretty perfect... I have a job I love going to every day, I can still work part time and be home with my baby, and I am helping with the financial status of the family.  Life is good!

Connections to a lot of great people- Obviously I love Dr. Rob and I love Christy and Anna in the office, and I love that I have learned so much, but it goes even further than that.  Through my job at the office, I have also been connected with a lot of really AWESOME people/professionals.  I feel like I have a whole new network of great people to go to for any of my health related needs (and some non health related things too).  I wish I knew half of these people during my pregnancy with Ryan, and I am excited that I have all of these connections for future pregnancies.  I now personally know several great lactation consultants, women who teach Bradley birthing classes and hypnobirthing classes, an amazing holistic nutritionist and allergy specialist, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, mommy groups, breastfeeding groups, and I could go on and on.  I feel lucky to have these great people in my life because I feel like I have a great support system and I always have someone to go to with my questions and concerns. 

Who would have thought when I randomly walked into a random chiropractors office in 2011 that my life would change so much because of that one decision.  Crazy things happen, and I really feel blessed that I followed my instinct and made that appointment almost 2 years ago! 


  1. Change is good! People shouldn't be scared of changes in their lives because these changes might be what they've been looking for. Chiropractic care for you was a big impact. It gave your family good health, as well as a new career path. I hope that you're more than happy where your life is taking you right now. Good luck on your new future in chiropractic.

  2. What an inspirational post, Shan! Changes in our life start with a simple decision. In your case, your decision to visit the chiropractor started the fantastic progress of your life, from your family, friends, and to work. It's best to enjoy life with a healthy and balanced body as a result of your chiropractic care. I hope you continue to cherish the changes that you have, and don't forget to take good care of your health.

    Anisha @ US HealthWorks Medical Group Berkeley Center

  3. I love your last statement, Shan! There are times that urgent decisions might lead to great results. I believe you found the right doctor in your vicinity. Months have passed already, and I'm sure you've been enjoying the benefits of chiropractic treatment. How are you now? :)

    Alan Siegel @