The Taynors

The Taynors

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We need a Ryan update

It has been to long since I wrote about my baby boy. He is now 16.5 months old and wonderful. I love watching his personality develop each day. Here is a list of notable, Ryan things....

1. He is an average size baby, 50% across the board.... But he has the chunkiest thighs ( which we call his chunkers) and big fat feet ( currently in a size 6 shoe)!

2. He currently has long, curly blond hair. I just can't cut it, the curls are too cute!

3. Things he loves:  Books, shape sorters, climbing, swimming, playing with water (water table, sprinkler, the hose, watering can, baths, etc), going to the beach, "dusting" things around the house, playing hide and seek with objects, "helping" me put clothes away/do the laundry, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, the Yankees (he cheers when the fans on TV cheer and knows the "Lets Go Yankees" chant), singing and dancing, his binky and monkey at bedtime, being outside, cats and dogs,

4.  He is still taking 2 naps a day...and doesn't seem to have much interest in dropping the 2nd nap yet.

5.  He eats better than anyone I know!  Here is an example of a typical days menu...Breakfast is all natural turkey sausage, piece of cheese, blueberries and bananas.  Lunch is a protein (plain chicken breast, or black beans, or gluten free/preservative free turkey breast), a green vegetable, and a yogurt.  Dinner is a different type of protein and a different type of vegetable and a fruit as dessert.  He still has never had a cookie or cake (with the exception of his birthday incident), chips, crackers, ice cream, chocolate, hot dogs, anything but water and milk to drink, anything with food dyes, cereal, and so many more foods that are normal for toddlers.  He really only eats fruits, vegetables, lean/plain proteins, and some organic dairy.  Lets hope all of these changes make a difference for his over all health.

6.  He understands soo much more recently.  He knows a little bit of sign language, but has pretty much created his own way of telling me what he wants.  It always amazes me how much he can understand and respond when I am talking to him. 

7.  He throws CRAZY temper tantrums.  Stops breathing, throws his body on the floor, is so strong I can't physically control him, and screams!  I can't wait to see what our future toddler years are like if we are already experiencing this.  But truthfully, it doesn't upset me. I can normally stay calm, waiting for it to end, and then talk to him until he calms down.  I have a feeling I was probably like that as a kid haha.

8.  He is a bit slower on the talking front.  At this point he really doesn't have many words... ma, dad, hi, bye, uh-oh, more, mine, and ca (cat).  But I am not super concerned at this point.  I know he is taking it all in and attempting to say things.  We will re-evaluate in a few months.

9.  He has mastered  a few animal sounds for cat, dog, cow, and chicken.  He even makes a low deep voice for a dog bark and a high soft voice for a cat meow. 

10.  He is super social and definitely a flirt.  At the Blue Claws baseball game last week he was walking around blowing kisses to all the teenage girls that came near him. 

11.  He HATES diaper changes.  It is a all-out battle most of the time.... one of us always ends up sweating and in tears :)

12.  His skin is still a mess, real bad eczema spots, rashes, irritated spots... we are working on finding the problem.  Poor baby.

I am sure there is sooooo much more I can write about, but that's what comes to mind today.  I'll come back and update if something great pops in my mind.  I am loving these super crazy, hectic, non-stop toddler days. 

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