The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, May 10, 2012

RJ Update and Schedule

I haven't really done an update since Ryan's first birthday, so here is whats been going on over the past 2 months.

First of all, his routine. I haven't posted about Ryan's schedule in a few months and I want to make sure I have it all on record.  Lets go back to the 9-12 month range...he was finally pretty regular.

Wake up around 7:00am and have a 6oz bottle.
Breakfast around 8:00
9:00-11:00 nap
6oz bottle at 11am
Lunch around 12
1:00-2:30 nap
6oz bottle at 3:00-4:00
Occasionally a late afternoon cat nap
Dinner around 5:30
Bedtime routine start at 6:30
Asleep by 7pm

The eating schedule did change gradually during these months though.  He started eating more solids and real foods, we dropped the 4th bottle, introduced a sippy cup, etc.  But the nap time was pretty regular... 2 naps, about 2 hours each.

At 12 months old there were a few more changes, like switching from formula to organic whole milk and weening off of the bottle.  He also started napping a little bit later and going to bed a bit later.  Here is our current schedule after making those changes. 

Wake up between 7-7:30
Sippy cup of milk and then breakfast about 8:00
Nap from 10:00-12:00
Lunch around 12:30 and then a sippy cup of milk after lunch
Nap from 3:00-4:30ish
Dinner at 5:30
Start bedtime between 7-7:30 (with a cup or bottle of milk) and asleep by 8:00

This is our daily routine, but I would say that after Ryan reached a year old, he became much more flexible.  Up until recently, he would be miserable and cranky if he wasn't sleeping by his normal nap or bed time.  But now he is able to stay up a little later or adjust his naps based on what we have going on that day.  I never thought this was going to happen and I'm excited to have reached this point.  For example... we were totally off schedule in Florida, but as soon as we got back to Jersey, he returned to his normal routine without much stress.  This will be nice once summer comes.

I am figuring he will drop that late nap soon and the morning nap will get pushed back later, but for now he seems to still want to take both.  I will keep it for as long as he wants.

Before getting into our current situation, lets talk about what Ryan's eating habits where like.  This boy would pretty much eat anything!  I never gave him something that he didn't shovel into his mouth.  He was a good eater and didn't give me any problem.  He just started getting to the point where he wants to feed himself, but when he uses a spoon or fork, food goes flying all over the house.  He gets frustrated, but I am sure he will figure it out soon.  At this point, he is eating 95% real food and only a little bit of baby food to supplement the fruits and vegetables.  He especially likes the smoothie pouches when we are out and about.

Here is a list of the foods he usually eats and enjoys-
green beans
sweet potatoes
grilled cheese
chicken pieces or nuggets
macaroni and cheese
ground beef or turkey
corned beef
french fries
sausage links
pasta and sauce
baked ziti

The only thing that he does not like so far... ice cream!!  He spit it out, twice, and then refused to take another spoon of it.  I am sure he will change his mind once summer comes. 

But there has a been a twist to Ryan's eating plans.  We recently found out why he is having these allergic reactions (he has had 2 serious reactions, and several mild reactions).  Ryan is officially allergic to eggs, wheat, peanuts, almonds, cats and dogs.  I"m going to have to right a different post about these allergies and what my game plan is.  It is obvious from my food list many of the foods Ryan loves contain wheat and/or egg so we are in the process of totally changing his eating!

New Skills
On a lighter note, Ryan has been so much fun recently.  Here are some things he has learned to do in the past 2 months.

-Crawl down the stairs
-Climb onto the couch by himself
-Climb up onto anything really
-Play with the cats
-Dance up a storm
-He can identify his nose, head, and feet
-He LOVES reading books
-HE talks all of the time, but he still isn't really using any words.  Currently, I don't think he really has any words, but he says mamama and dadada in general a lot.
-He can understand thing...hard to explain, but if I ask him to get his book he will go and get it, or if I tell him to go get his golf club, he will find it and bring it to me.  He understand "no" (even though he doesn't always listen haha), bath, cat, eat, food, go get your shoes, etc.  She even though he is not talking at all, it is pretty clear that he is learning.
-He suddenly can use sign language to tell us "more" and "all done"
-Throw a ball
-Go up and down his slide by himself
-He tries to lock the front door when we are leaving the house and going to the car.
-He loves to comb his hair ( I guess that's from watching me do people's hair all of the time)
-He can blow kisses and give really good hugs
-He is still drooling A LOT ... too much.  I am so over drool!

I am sure there is more, but that's what comes to mind as of right now.  I'll update again later when cute things pop into my head. 

Lastly, is 14 months to early to start the Terrible Twos??  hahaha  I think we are getting started already.  Ryan can throw a really good tantrum and had his first official meltdown in Target last week (because I didn't let him choke on a piece of pretzel).  I think he is going to continue to keep me on my toes and demonstrate his strong personality throughout his toddler years :)

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