The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, February 6, 2015

Patrick is One!

I am a month late, but better late than never.  Patrick turned 1 last month and we had a great time celebrating.  The next post will be about the party, for now it will be all about him.  Here are all the special things about Patrick as he hit the 1 year milestone.

- He weighs 20lbs (25%) and 30 inches (75-90%) so apparently he is tall and skinny.  Don't remember the head measurements, but that was also 90-95% so most of his weight is in his big head.

- He is finally sleeping through the night AND going to sleep on his own!  Woooo Hooo!  This finally happened right around Christmas.  I kept hearing about kids who didn't sleep until they were one, and I guess he was one of them.  He now sleeps from 6:30/7pm-6:30-7am.  Mommy is happy!

-Naps are a different story, they are better in the fact that he can finally fall asleep on his own- but they are still very inconsistent.  A lot of days are still 30 minutes, 1 hours are slowly becoming a bit more regular, and a 2 hour nap happened one time so far!  But regardless, its much better than it was and he is definitely more rested.

-Now on to the fun things-  He loves music, to dance, and clap his hands along with it.  He has one Mickey mouse toy that is his favorite to dance to and he loves the "Get Up and Dance" commercial from Disney Jr.

-He cruising, crawling, climbing, and bear crawling all over the place.  He doesn't have any interest in walking yet, but he finds ways to get around.

-He loves to push things around- his high chair, Ryan's stool, toys... anything he can move.

-This month he has mastered climbing the stairs, and he is starting to get the concept of going down feet first from things.

-He loves the sight of himself in a mirror.  He waves and smiles big as soon as we walk past one.

-We are working on blowing kisses, he has about half the process down, but still working on it.

-When you say nap time, he will start waving bye bye and blowing kisses right away, even if no one else is around to see it.

-A favorite activity is taking things out of a container and then putting it back in.  He is constantly moving things in and out of various objects.

-Mickey Mouse is the one TV show that catches his attention right now.

-He loves to chase and tackle.  Before bedtime Ryan and Patrick get play time with Daddy and its pretty much a big wrestling match.

-He eats EVERYTHING! Like seriously eats all foods all the time.  I am surprised his weight is still lower considering how much he eats.  I still have him on a mainly fruits and veggies and protein kind of diet... but he enjoys trying  things like crackers for the first time.  I already understand the meaning of "they are eating me out of house and home"... I can't image what it will be like when they are teenagers.

-Fingers crossed, I do not think he has any allergies... he shows no signs of food irritation, so he eats what we eat most days.

-After turning one we started the transition off of formula to organic whole milk, and now I am weaning him off the bottle and much less oz of milk.  So he gets a morning bottle and a bedtime bottle (6oz) and a sippy cup of milk sometime during the day.  I am not a big milk fan, so I will continue to wean him to smaller amounts and replace it with other good fats/nutritious foods.

-He still only has 2 teeth!  Very slow teether.  I can see the top two are coming in, but they did not break through yet.

-He is at a pretty clingy stage.  He wants to be held and carried and played with at all times.  He does not like when I wash dishes or cook dinner.  He has also showed us that he knows how to throw a pretty good temper tantrum.  They don't happen often, but we have seen it appear a few times.  The first time he had one of these fits, my mom and I seriously just laughed at him because it was so funny.  I am interested to see how his personality continues to emerge this year.

-Generally he is a happy, peaceful baby.  He loves attention and to cuddle.  He has a very silly two tooth smile, and he loves his brother!

-For future me (if I decide to go down this crazy road again)- here is his 1 year schedule.

6:30-7:00 wake up
7-7:30 bottle (normally while hanging out in our bed as we get ready for work)
8:00 breakfast and play time
10:00 morning nap- this one is normally pretty short
11:30 milk sippy cup or snack
12:00-12:30 lunch with Ryan and play time
2:00 afternoon nap- this one we have a better chance at being longer
3:30 ish snacks
5-5:30 dinner
6:30 bath some nights (poor second kid gets baths way less frequently) and bedtime routine
bedtime is pjs and clean diaper, read a quick book, bottle in the rocking chair and then I lay him down and walk out.

Again because he is a second child, the schedule is much more flexible than it was with Ryan.  He tags along with me for school drop offs and pick ups and birthday parties and speech/OT... but generally thats the schedule we aim for.

 -So things are great, and he is doing great.  I am loving being a mom to these two boys and can't wait to report back next year!

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