The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Patrick 10 months

Only 10 days late with this update :)

Patrick is so smiley.  Its the first thing everyone comments on when they see him.  He is already a ham for the camera- he loves taking selfies and seeing himself on the camera.  He is just pretty laid back and goes with the flow and definitely makes the idea of having another baby easier.  Sleep is still our one trouble (I'll update based on his behaviors right at 10 months).  Anyway here are the facts:

-He is still in 6-9 month clothes, he is a little smaller than Ryan was  at this time.

-He started crawling at 9.5 months and now he is all over the place.

-He can pull himself to standing but doesn't quite cruise around yet.

-Lucky for  me he is not climbing yet!

-He finally got his first tooth!!  It popped through right before 10 months.

-He loves to clap and talk to us.  He makes a lot of "Ehhhh!!" to get our attention.

-Ryan and Patrick are really starting to interact.  Patrick loves to follow him around and copy him, and Ryan loves being protective and teaching him how to play with things.

-He is always doing silly things with his mouth and tongue.  Sticking out his tongue, clicking his lips, puckering up his face.  He is having fun experimenting with what his face can do.

-The wresting match diaper changes have begun.

-He is starting to get better at using a sippy cup of water.

-He is experimenting with foods- I still make all of his fruit and veggie purees, he gets chunks of banana, avacado, peas, and carrots for finger foods, and just this week I introduced yogurt with his fruit in the morning (just plain whole milk yogurt)

-We officially stopped nursing last week.  The past month was a slow weaning process, but the first week of November we officially stopped.  I think its harder on me than it is for him.  I miss our cuddle moments already, but I just did not have any supply left at all.  My body just couldn't keep up and it was becoming a fight and a stress for both of us.  Anyway, I continued to build a freezer supply as I was weaning, so there is enough for him to continue to get 1 breast milk bottle a day for about a month.   I want him to get milk as long as possible because its really the best way to get those healthy fats and the antibodies to build a healthy immune system.

-Sleep-  Daylights savings time sucks!  We finally got Patrick sleeping until about 6am and then we had to change the clocks so he was back to 5:00am.  At 10 months he was still stuck at that 5 am wake up every single morning.

-Naps- Still suck at 10 months.  Still 30 minutes on the dot for each nap and he wakes tired and cranky.  I have tried it all, I just have to hope that he is a kid that needs to do it on his own time.  I can't not lay him down to fall asleep on his own, that just makes the whole day a disaster.  Oh well- its a huge source of anxiety but I really can't let it get me down.  Just lots of prayers for his sake and mine that he will continue to adjust on his own.

-It was a fun month- Patrick's first halloween (he was a lion just like big brother) and our trip to Disney world.  He was such a good happy baby for all of it!

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