The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adventures in the life of a mom

Today I am home with the boys. I don't have to work til 4:30. But like all moms do (I assume), I filled my day at home with a long list of things to be done. Most of my to do list is the normal stuff.... Laundry, make dinner, call Comcast, clean the bathrooms, but I had one very important thing that had to be done by mid day today.

The task was simple- get cash from the bank and take it to the carpet guy. Three hours later, I am just now home from what turn into quite an adventure.

Here is how a simple task turns into an adventure when doing it with a toddler and a baby.

It's a super cold day today, so to make the car ride a little more fun I was going to turn it into a movie day. I let Ryan wear his slippers, bring a blanket and two favorite stuffed animal friends. We are all finally buckled in and I can't get the DVD player to load the DVD. After multiple attempts I give up and go back inside the house for the iPad. This movie car ride is a fail without the movie part. Get back in the car to find that the iPad has about 15% battery remaining. No worries, I have 3 chargers in the car.... Except- none of the 3 chargers work. Here we are about to spend over an hour in the car and we have no DVD or iPad that works. Oh well, I had to get this done so off we went.

Arrive at the bank- no problems there thank goodness. But that's just about when Ryan makes his first announcement that he has to pee. I leave the bank, find the nearest wawa and start unloading the boys. That's when I realize Ryan has no shoes, just the slippers I let him wear for his movie ride. I am now attempting to carry both Ryan and Patrick in my arms into the wawa for an emergency pee break.

We manage to get in and out pretty quickly. Get Ryan buckled in and now I'm working on Patrick. This is just about the time I hear the dreaded explosive poop come out of Patrick's little bum. Immediately I know it's a bad one. A quick glance down the side of his pants and I see it's a full blowout.

I reach for his diaper bag, and realize I don't have it!!! I have Ryan's emergency bag, but no diaper bag. And of course the back up diaper and wipes I normally carry in Ryan's bag had been taken out just the other day. I have no change of clothes and no diaper for Patrick's poopy mess.

Decision time- I'm about half way to the carpet store. Do I keep going or turn around to change Patrick?? Don't judge me, I kept going.

Thankfully we make it to the carpet store- make the quick cash drop off and then we are on our way home. Patrick fell asleep (poor sleepy guy sitting in that mess). Ryan now starts the "I'm hungry" chant. I don't blame him, it's lunch time by now. Problem is, where can I stop for drive through food for my kid who is allergic to everything. I decided on mcdonalds apple slices.

Pull up to mcdonalds, order the apples, and guess what? They have no apple slices. They have nothing that Ryan can eat. So now I have a very hungry 3 year old who is bored with no movie and a baby sleeping in his own poop. Mom of the year!

We keep heading home. Patrick keeps sleeping and Ryan falls asleep about 5 minutes away from our house. The next challenge is getting them both inside on this blustery day. I attempt Ryan first since I don't want him to wake up. I lift him over my shoulder and get him up the stairs. He briefly woke up but laid right back down for his nap. Patrick next- but he woke up as soon as I opened the car door.

Last step- change the blow out. Upstairs we go, pants off and they are covered (right into the soak pile). Then I realize I can't get the onesie over his head without covering him in poop. I run to get the scissors to cut if off (first time ever trying the method but I was desperate). As I walk back in, I see the final step to this mess... He is now peeing all over himself, the floor, and whatever clean clothes are left. Anyway, I cut off the onesie and put it straight in the garbage, get him naked and in the bath, and get a load of laundry started for the rest of the clothes.

Now Patrick is clean, dry and happily playing, Ryan is sleeping, and I'm sitting with coffee writing my story.

So the end result- after all that craziness- at least the carpets are paid for and can be installed next week. Now onto everything else I need to get done before work in 2 hours. Being a mom rocks 😉

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