The Taynors

The Taynors

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Random Ryan Thoughts

I feel like Ryan is back to a stage where I can post a monthly update. He has so much going on in that little head of his, that every day I feel like something new is happening.  Since I just did a Patrick post, I'm going to follow up with some of the random things going on on Ryan's world.

- He is a playing pretend rock star.  Every day, all day is about making up new stories and pretending to be different characters/animals.  Sometimes we are dragons or dinosaurs, sometimes we are TV cartoon characters, and other times we are different friends or family.  But we always have our rolls and what we are suppose to do to stay in character.  His imagination is in full effect!

-He says the funniest things.  When we are walking out the front door he says "after you my lady". When he gets his croupy/asthma cough he refers to it as his "freaky cough".  When he wants to do something he says "Well here is my deal..." and then goes on to say what he is going to do.  He didn't love some rides in Disney world because they "made my tummy very mad".  Randomly he will just say things like "I am just frustrated Mommy, I will take a break".  And he is recently into telling us about his eczema.  He will describe that its itchy in the morning and at bedtime and that we can call him "Ryan Eczema, because thats what I have" haha I blame that one on Doc McStuffins and the episode on Donnie's itchy skin.

-Everything is a question Why?  When?  Where? How Big?  What are they doing?

-He can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere.  He is super social and loves chatting with strangers (if they can understand what he is saying).

-He HATES loud noises... like really hates them.  He spend a lot of time walking around covering his ears.  Even recently when we were in the public bathrooms, he was constantly covering his ears because he didn't like the sound of the toilets flushing.  Its very odd.

-He is loving on his stuffed animal "friends".  He has like 50 that travel around the house with us.  They have sleep overs, build forts, play hide and seek... you name it and they join in on our fun.

-All of a sudden he likes to color.  This actually started in Disney which was a great distraction for meal time.

-He is still a huge love bug-  I can't even count the amount of times he says "I love you Mommy" or "I love our family" each day.... but I am loving every minute because I know it won't last long.

-He NEVER stops moving, not even for a second.  That boys body is in motion from the minute his eyes open in the morning til they close for bedtime (which takes a very long time to do at night).  Well except for nap time... he will still take a good nap most days.  But even during meal times and while watching TV, he is fidgeting or building something or tapping his feet.  Our cuddle moments are more like wrestling matches.

-He is into movies- Frozen, How to  Train your Dragon, Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs, old Disney movies like Aladin and Hercules.  He can't sit still to watch from start to finish, but he is always asking to go back and watch them over and over.

-He is definitely a typical active boy.  He is always running, jumping, pushing, climbing, building, exploring.  He loves bugs and dirt and trucks, He likes to watch football and then act out the tackles (I have been victim of a few surprise tackles).

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