The Taynors

The Taynors

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Patrick 9 month milestones

Hello again-

My blogging skills are lacking these days.  So much to write about, not enough time to sit down and do it.  I wish technology would come up with a way to just take my thoughts straight from my brain and put it on paper :)

Anyway, Patrick turned 9 months on October 3.  As always, I am a little late with this post, but better late than never.  Right at the 9 month mark he had  a few huge changes happen....

Edit-  Went to the doctors today and he is 19.4 lbs and 28 in long... thats 25-50% in both categories.

1.  He is finally sleeping through the night!!!!!!  Yes!  Finally!  Literally as of October 4 (a day after turning 9 months), he has been sleeping til 6-6:30am every day.  I am hoping this stays consistent and this is his new sleeping pattern.

2.  While we are on sleep, the naps are still kind of all over the place.  Most days there is a morning nap of some kind, and an afternoon nap of some kind, and occasionally a late nap depending on the day, but for the most part I still don't know what to expect.  He is definitely not on a routine the way Ryan was.  I'll keep working on it and offering structure, but for the most part as long as he is happy and sleeping at night, I won't stress.

3.  He can finally go from laying down to sitting up by himself.  This helps him so much because he can roll around and play without constantly needing to be re-positioned.

4. Since he is able to sit up by himself, he wakes up a little bit happier.  Occasionally he will just sit up and then talk to himself in the crib for a little bit until I go to get him.  This is a huge improvement from the screeching cry every time his eyes opened.

5.  He waves hi and bye all the time now.  He likes to see people come into a room and wave at them.  This also happened exactly at 9 months.  And clapping is in full effect.  I think this was because of our Disney trip... lots of clapping and waving at characters, rides, parades, etc.

6.  He is very close to crawling.  I though for sure it was going to happen in Disney.  He gets up to all fours, he rocks back and forth, he considers moving, and then eventually plops to his belly and does the army crawl or rolls to get what he wants instead.

7.  His eating patterns change every day.  Most days he gets 1 formula bottle at 1:00 in the afternoon and then I nurse him at 7, 10, 4, and bedtime.  Then he has breakfast at 8am and dinner around 5:00.  But depending on our schedule that can change, again like naps, he is not on nearly as rigid of a schedule as Ryan was.  Everything depends on the situation.

8.  My milk supply is continuing to dwindle, I feel like the end of nursing is near.  I am going to start adding a few more formula bottles to supplement, but still nurse like 3 times a day and see how long that lasts.  I am also going to start using some of the freezer breast milk to try to give him as much milk as I can for as long as I can, even if I am nursing less.  I"m not as stressed and upset about it as I was in the past.  I am proud of how long I have lasted, and I'll do my best to continue, but even if I only make it to the 10 month mark, I am happy with that!

9.  We go Tuesday for a check up, so I'll have weight information then.  But my guess is he is about 18 lbs.  He is in size 3 diapers and still wearing 6-9 month clothes.  He is smaller than Ryan so its helping that he can wear all of Ryan's clothes... they are the right size for the right season.

10.  Patrick went on his first real vacation to Disney World- lots more about about that next.

11. Still no teeth!  Teething like crazy, but no signs of anything breaking through.  Because of this I am still limiting real foods and he doesn't really do well with finger foods yet.  Just puffs and occasional fruit pieces for now.

12.  He has moved into the big bath tub.  He loves bath time... its a very wet and messy experience for everyone involved.

13.  He has officially learned how to throw things off his high chair table, just for fun.  Thats such a great stage, ugh.

14.  He doesn't eat much solid food, but when he does, he has to have all pieces in his hands at one time.  He will put them one at a time into his mouth, but he likes to sit with fists-fulls of food.  

Andddd he is awake after only a 25 minute nap so I need to wrap this up.  Here are some pictures of my photogenic boy!

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