The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lets talk about my boys: Patrick 7 months

I'm super late on this one, Patrick hit the 7 month mark 2.5 weeks ago.  But I'm gonna write this post as if he just turned 7 months, not current as he is now.  You know in baby world, things change over a 2 week period.

So that being said.... Happy 7 month birthday my boy!

Some details of this month and then on to the cute pictures.

-We don't have a check up until he is 9 months, so I don't have any accurate weight and height info.
-He is just now transitioning into 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
-I am very proud that as of just a few days before his 7 month mark, he was still exclusively breastfed.
-He is enjoying 1 meal a day, so far he has tried peas, bananas, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
-He is sitting 100% on his own.  Its nice to be able to put him down so he can sit and play with the toys around him.
-He has learned a great (very loud) screeching noise.  Its his way to ask for food, get my attention, or just remind everyone he is in the room.
-He is still on an eating every 3 hour schedule, can't seem to stretch to that 4th hour yet.
-He is loving the beach, the bath tub, taking walks, watching Mickey Mouse with his brother, and putting toys in his mouth.
-Lets not talk about sleep.  Its ugly.  Both naps and overnight.  We did give in and hire the through email sleep consultant because we are desperate for some help.
-He had a great first vacation to Baltimore.  He was so good!  He loved just hanging out in the stroller or in my ergo carrier.  He stayed up late both nights, and he enjoyed his first professional baseball game already.
-He is lovin on his mommy these days.  Very cuddly, always wants to be in the same room as me, and gives me big kisses on my cheeks (or he is trying to eat my face but kisses are cuter).
-We are still waiting on his first tooth.  He has had all of he teething symptoms but nothing yet.
-He is starting to enjoy spending time with his cousins.  They are interacting and laughing at each other... the age gap already seems smaller.
-In some ways he is just like his brother (he can be loud, he has trouble settling to sleep/staying asleep, he loves to cling on to mommy, etc) but in other ways he is so different (must more content and smiley, huge belly laugh, no drool or spit up, not on the move nearly as much, etc).  Its fun to watch them grow up as brothers but also very different boys!

I think that is about it for now!  LOVE my little guy.

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